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To say that I was shocked of the price difference between Kuwait and Dubai is a real understatment! I didnt think they marked up the prices this much in Kuwait, even for phones they have had for a while. Some details are on this post from the Phone Prices Kuwait.
Nokia N73


Price: 2299 AED (with 1 Gig mem) = 181 KD
Price in Kuwait (without 1 Gig mem): 270 KD (last week), now 210 KD (now)

Nokia N80


Price: 1950 AED = 154 KD
Price in Kuwait: 165 KD

Sony Ericsson K800i


Price: 1510 AED = 118 KD
Price in Kuwait: 165 KD

Sony Ericsson K610i


Price: 995 AED = 79 KD
Price in Kuwait: 115 KD

LG KG800 Chocolate


Price: 1349 AED = 107 KD
Price in Kuwait: 150 KD

Jabra JX-10


Price: 399 AED = 32 KD
Price in Kuwait: 45 KD

Phone Rankings:

  1. K800i / N73
  2. K610i
  3. N80
  4. KG 800

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  1. The Sony Ericsson K610i looks kinda cool. I might get me one when I return to Kuwait this Xmas. Thanks for the review ;D

  2. Wow, I am confused but the phone would be on my list for an October or September phone not now though :/

  3. By September/October Nokia will have released 45 new phones…

  4. vintage

    if i will still be a mtc customer, i btter buy the nokia phones or i will not get m configurations/service right. ovr priced and high maintenance :)

  5. Thanks man, that’s very helpful. I’ve got my sights set on the K800i now and your information makes my decision all that more easier. It IS a hell of a difference, I could probably get some extra memory for the 30-40 KD I’d save (I’m guessing that too will be cheaper there?!). Now I only need to find who’d going to get it for me! :)

    BTW an update: The K800i in Virgin is going for KD.155 and the N73 in Sharq Mall in the FCC Nokia shop is going for KD.200.

    Oh, and apparently I can’t seem to post comments here from Firefox.

  6. geo

    yeah 155 in sharg too with al-barrak warranty for the k800 .. and 140 something with another warranty .. and you need to pay extra for the memory card .. just got mine .. very happy about it

  7. Fallen: the K610i is the perfect phone for those who dont care to have 3.2 megapixel camera! Its amazing! Seriously!

    K: Thats a hell of a lot of phones they just dont stop!

    vintage: the guys at khaled bin waleed street can configure the phones for you.. so you dont have to worry about it!

    Sabah: no prob, and yeah even memory is cheaper there. the phone prices are sharg from a week ago, there might be something up with your firewall software because thats what might stop you. I only post from firefox! hehe

    geo: thanks! I will check it out there later! But still Dubai is cheaper!

  8. geo

    it’s true that dubai is cheaper .. but it’s not worth the wait (at least to me)

  9. chr0nik

    dammn the N73 is 181KD with mem card in dubai n here its 200KD without mem card? :( how much does a 1 gig mem card cost?

  10. chr0nik: the 1 Gig mem costs around 23 KD, so they had it for a really good deal.

  11. vintage

    thanks for the tip. i love it when u localize ur advice lol

  12. which dubai store did u get these prices from?

  13. junoony: Jumbo, Carfoure, and Fono. All depends what warranty you want.

  14. ذباح

    يا جماعة كم سعر Sony Ericsson K800i في الكويت حاليا

    كم السعر !!

  15. Please check the N73 review, the price bil ikwait i there. ذباح

  16. Justine Castillo

    hi! is nokia 5300 available in Dubai? if so i would like to know how much is it? thank you!

  17. Justine Castillo: Im not sure since I was only visiting Dubai at the time! I wish I could help you out, but I dont have access to that information.

  18. Justine Castillo

    ok. thanks anyway!

  19. muez

    hi I want to know the least prices of nokia n-series,would U help me so

  20. ajmal khan

    i want to know the latest price of nokia N73 mobil in dubai

  21. TiRy

    Hello. Im from Romania and I would like to buy a Nokia 8800 Sirroco from Dubai .. Can anyone please tell me how can I do this and what’s the price, in Euro’s or US dollars ? thank’s

  22. jamal

    i want to know the price for sonyericsson k800i +k810i in dubae.
    K810i+k800i in saudia arabia

  23. Deandra

    wat’s the price of Nokia5300 in Kuwait currently?

  24. i want to know the price of the lg chocolate

  25. Lilly

    i want to know the current rice of k800i.wud any one hel me???

  26. khan

    Hey ! Anybody to sell his N73 or Communicator 9300i

  27. shane

    HEY!!!! I want to know if it is correct to buy a sony ericson w610i as all the features seem good but i want to have your opinion and i also want its price list!!!!!

  28. Asanka

    I want to know current price of the Nokia N73 & Motorlla E6

  29. reem: No clue! :) I was just passing through Dubai at the time!

  30. sandeep

    hi friend’s I want now what is price of Nokia N73 in dubai Please help me .Thanks [email protected]

  31. jasavi

    plz tell me tthe current price of nokia 5230 and nokia 5233 in dubai in indian rupees….
    plz inform me on m id as soon as possible

  32. im need busness mobile accss:pless contake for emil ani time.

  33. To say that I was shocked of the price difference between Kuwait and Dubai is a real understatment..

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