Emarites Mall

This place is huge! Seriously you could spend hours walking around there! Which we did a couple of times, like I metioned going to Virgin Megastore, and their were a lot of stops in between in the mall! And then there was the movie theater! Whats cool about the Movie Theater is the Gold class seats which are real couchs! Lazy Boys! Not like the couchs in Leyla Gallery, and I would be willing to pay because of the uncensored movies!

We stopped at sandwich place for a quick bite, they had a couple of sandwichs which were pretty good. We just wanted something light to keep us on our feet, but there was a huge food court that needed exploring which we didnt have enough time to take a look at.




Then there the people who are skying the middle of summer which still surprises me everytime I see it! I didnt go in since I didnt feel like playing in the snow. I wanted to go to see more gadgets!




Alot more pics below!!

What could I say about Comp U Me! Its a computer store which I felt like a kid in a candy store! I was running left to right, hard drives, printers, USB mass storage, psp games, pc games, lcd screens, macs, wireless routers, and so much more! I knew the prices were more then online, but still cheaper then Kuwait! I had that sudden urge to buy something, but I was proud that I didnt buy anything since I didnt need anything! But so much stuff! I would be all over this place if it was in Kuwait!






I like this style of arches!


Look at this endless hallway! Seriously you dont see the end of this thing! You just keep on walking!

They were filming a tv show in the middle of the mall


My goal at the end of that long haulway is Jumbo!!!! So many gadgets, phones, electronics, and games!




This picture just reminds me of Laialy and her shoes! Not specifically her style, but just LOTS of them! hehehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cute UAE

    Ahaln wa sahlan bika fi MALL OF THE EMIRATES!!!!

    U definately missed Magic Planet there…which was one escalator away from the Ski Slope and that sandwich cafe (Pain du…something something!) Guys!! Next time u’r there, check out the tiles of Magic Planet!

    Glad that u’ve enjoyed it :)

  2. Cute UAE: Yeah I will check out Magic Planet next time, I really enjoy that mall! Its so freaking huge!! heehehe

  3. chr0nik

    Marzouq, by any chance did u come across the dell 2407wfp screen in dubai?

  4. is there a website that lists all the stores in emirates mall?

  5. chr0nik: You know what, I was on the look out for that screen. But they dont have it there either!

    geo: I was wondering that as well, but I have never came across one.

  6. chr0nik

    Damn..so only way is to order it online from Dell huh..sum $703.. i want ! :(

  7. you remembered me in Dubai ^_^

    that place you ate at i think we have one like it in Marina

  8. chr0nik: yup! Yeah.. I want it too! 24″ of greatness!

    Laialy: yup! it was ok, nothing that great really!

  9. Wonderful to be in that place to go skiing and play in the snow for a while.

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