Review: Burst Angel


Plot Summary: In a crime-ridden future Japan, Kyohei Tachibana is a peaceful student at a culinary school, dreaming of going to France for advanced study as a patissier (pastry chef). To afford the trip, he accepts a part-time job as private cook to a strange group of women – Sei, Meg, Jo and Amy. To Kyohei’s astonishment, they turn out to be a band of violent mercenaries, and he finds himself in the line of fire.

This is one interesting anime, since you follow different characters from the beginning of the anime. Its a science fiction type anime with some comedy, and mecha in the mix. At first your following Kyohei for the beginning of the series, and seems comedy oriented, but there is a deeper plot in the background. Something that you dont get see for a while. Your following this band of mercenaries expecting Kyohei to be some sort of savior or deeply involved in it. But after developing a lot of the characters and their relationships in the series it takes a strange drop because of plot line taking a strange twist (very Akira like), but its still a good anime. They could have done a little bit more work to smooth out the changes, but overall good. Its more like a real life story in that its not always a happy ending.

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Rating: r3.0.bmp

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  1. chick with gun , when bam you got sales to cover the cost :p now if it had an intersting story it maybe good :P

  2. forzaq: very true, it was a bit of interesting story, but not good enough ending.. didnt satisfy me.. they kind of jumped the gun..

  3. Oh…so Burst Angel is a movie then. Sounds good…I guess I will go with anything that has “Angel” in it lol (i.e. DNAngel).

  4. Fallen: this aint a movie! Its a 6 Dvd series! loool! sorry i may not have mentioned it above!

  5. hmmm… i was never really sucked into the love of anime, even though my friends were. My fav. anime though is Ranma.. :D I love it!!

  6. This Anime is GREAT!!

    but i cant get the whole series :(

    the technology and Graphs are fantastic :D

  7. jerry

    i really like this anime and i think it is cool it has a strange twist in it

  8. I haven’t watched the anime yet but I’m a fan of the manga!!

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