Zone Driving


I have came to the conclusion after a while of paying attention to this. How people walk reflects how they drive. So if your a bad driver you probably dont pay much attention when your walking. You should try watching somebody that you know who is a bad driver and watch them walk through crowds, they will usually cause people to go around them without having to make an effort to find openings in the crowd in front of them.

There is a big difference between a reckless driver and a high speed driver. Some people will say driving fast is dangerous but all that aside I would like to explain the difference. A reckless driver doesnt take the traffic in front of them into consideration, and not being prepared for a bad situation, and not knowing the limits of the vehicle they are in. That is why you see a lot people flip cars here because they are reckless and expect an SUV to handle like a sports car. Those people are just bad.

A high speed driver is someone who can categorize the traffic in front of them in Zones. Thats why I call it Zone Driving, because they dont even know they are doing it. There are some people who I cant ride with because they are just horrible drivers be it at low or high speeds, they get stuck in a situation and dont know how to get out of it. A Zone Driver finds lines through traffic, figuring out the flow to the best of his/her abilities while taking into consideration the unknown factor to provide a decent safety cushion for themselves and people around them. Its not necessarily speeding the whole time, but judging traffic to find the best openings. Most everyone is comfortable when they have no traffic around them, and I usually try to find that spot. I will speed up to get away from traffic, but slow down to keep myself away if Im in no hurry.

At some points when Im in a hurry my brain kicks into high gear and I start looking at the road differently. It becomes lines on the road for me to follow with it changing every second, and taking the choice of choosing the best possible line to accomplish my goal. I have to factor how far the turn is, and how I could make it without causing too much of a mess or whether I should just wait. Some people will say that you should just be patient and wait, and if you want to wait then please wait. Im going on ahead.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. you’ve been playing too many video games :p
    i walk just fine
    i drive safely, thank you

  2. Laialy: I havent been able to play video games in a while! And I knew you walk the straight line! hehehe Im just saying pay attention to the details! lol! See how some people walk, you will be surprised what you find out! lol

  3. Hmmm. Interesting. I like the way you explained all this, coz in my eyes, my husband drives way too fast for me to handle!!! I used to call it wreckless driving…until I read your post. I just can’t understand why you have to speed though! I mean…speeding is just dangerous, period!!!! What if by chance, your brain miscalculated with those “lines”, or some wreckless driver around you decides to wrecklessly drive while you’re about to go between those lines?! It’s a risk! Why take it??

  4. I’ll keep an eye out to see how people walk. I was actually -Zone- driving last night when I thought I got blinded, I realized it was the camera. I remembered your “Cameras operational” post. Too bad I didnt know the cam was there and I was cruizing at 150kmph.

  5. OC: You are meant to take risks in your lives thats what makes it fun and satisfying. Just depends what kind of risk. Speed isnt dangerous, its the idiots on the road. Those lines shift in my mind so I adapt to any situation, I try any ways! hehehe

    transparently: you will notice how people are. And the same thing happened to me with the camera thing! lol!

  6. i just heard kuw police started hunting for one biker guy who loves animes and owns a canon rebel…LOL…hahahahahha

  7. Dude nice pic. Like your philosophy… but would you say that a persons degree of caution could be influenced by the kind of music they were listening to while driving? or maybe the mood they were in :P? I

  8. Cyber: loool! They cant catch me!

    Bug: yes very true. I believe in that greatly. A person drives the way he feels to a certain degree so music does have an influence.. but sometimes the brain has to operate at a higher level to reach the speed he/she are looking for!

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