Review: UnderWorld Evolution


I enjoyed the first movie because it was different story line then something we have seen before, and so I looking forward to the sequel. I have seen this movie before, but a couple of days ago I remembered that I had it, I really wanted to see it again. This action packed sequel with a good following to the story line hit the spot. I think Kate Beckensale is gourgeous, and in this movie she looks fantastic. They did justice to the original movie, and the story line towards the end always gets me. You get pulled into the relationship betwee Selene and Michael Corvin, and what I love is not knowing exactly where this movie is going, that unpredicatable feel to it. You know there is going to be a sequel, but are they going to end it horribly like Matrix 2 or is it going to be good. And I have to say it was a damn good ending!
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  1. well i havent seen it yet
    ive always been a fan of vampire movies ;)

    so guess ill see this one to.

  2. The first part was better in my opinion, but good way continuing the plot, way better then a lot of other movies.

  3. I saw both movies. Although I’m huge sci fi and vampires movies fan, these two failed to impress me. The 2nd one was indeed better than the first one though. Both movies are like imitations of Blade.

    For a nice vampire movie, check out “Interview with a vampire”. Now that’s a classic.

  4. no3ik: I think you will enjoy it! But watch the first movie first so you can understand this one!!

    Cyber: The thing is.. this is when she tries to make her hair look messy, but she still looks great!

    fractal: I agree with you totally

    Hitman1: I think this was a better version then blade on certain things. But nothing beats blade one! I agree with you there. And yes interview with a vampire is the best vampire movie period. But these are action oriented and not on the same level!

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