Funny Incident

So Im heading over to my cousins place to watch a movie and chill with him since he was gone for the past month.
So I wanted to visit him after work on thursday, got home chilled for a bit, and I decided to head over. I got on the sixth ring road and decided to take the airport road there. And so I was going about 160 kph cruising down the road without any traffic, there was only a little on the right since it was 4:15pm. So then I saw the camera as I was coming up, then it flashed and I was laughing behind my helmet and dark visor!

If the cameras are working now they are going to have a lot of pictures of me! In gear! hehehe! Then I went over he was still jet lagged, and I we watched a couple of movies which I will be slightly commenting on. We popped in Alone in the Dark for the hell of it, it was the second movie we were watching and I have to say I give it a 0 out of 5 but with tara I give it -1! Seriously! Horrible! How did they even get money to fund this story! I wanted to break the dvd by the time it was done, but we popped in something else to improve what we were watching.

Then he was passing out, and I decided to go home early. And it was a nice chill ride hope, I had a police man come up on me because I think he was racing someone, but then I just took off because I know the cop was being a dumb and racing his friend. And I was right they were two guys racing each other, it only happens in Kuwait. I like chill weekends.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. great police force i might add :)

  2. while i was at school all day you were chillin’


    glad you got to ride though :)

  3. Cyber: hehehe, no its kind of like. Advantage: Motorcycle (no front plate, and much faster then everything else). hehehe

  4. Naughty boy. You get a thrill from going fast don’t you!

  5. I am going to sell my car and goin to take a bike…advantages:-I can speed, I can excuse from airport drop requests from friends. can BARK anywhere..fill less go more…cleaning is easy…stylish..can experience the kuwait furnace…
    disavantages:- I will look too funny wearing a suit and tie and getting on a bike with helmet…no helment will fit me…my head is small? my head is very hot already…helmets will make it blow…difficult to find a girl for life if ur primary drivin machine is a two wheeler….

    stupid thots…LOL…its 11.09…got to die on bed…

  6. Cyber: loooool! Lots of advantages just as long as the weather is cool. Lots of different size helmets. And I know what you mean about being tired!

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