*Travel News Update II*

Thanks to 7nen , we have an official document telling us what we can and cant do.

British Airways welcomed the Government’s announcement of Monday August 14, easing restrictions on hand baggage on flights departing all UK airports.

From Tuesday August 15 all UK airports implemented the new hand baggage policy.

Customers departing from the UK (including customers transferring through the UK):
Customers travelling from the UK will be able to take on board as hand baggage one cabin bag no bigger than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm, the size of a small laptop bag.

Cabin baggage MUST NOT contain:

  • Any cosmetics
  • Any toiletries
  • Any liquids
  • Any drinks
  • Cigarette lighters

Cabin baggage CAN contain the following:

  • Electronic equipment, including laptops, mobile phones and portable music and DVD players
  • Essential prescribed medicines in liquid form provided they are under 50ml. Customers will be asked to taste the liquid. If they cannot taste the liquid for any reason they will be asked to go to an airport pharmacy to have the medicine verified.
  • Baby milk and liquid baby food (the contents of each bottle MUST be tasted by the parent)

Nothing must be carried in pockets. For more detail of the Baggage restrictions click here

Please ensure that you do not check into the hold any essential items such as:

· Household and car keys (including electric key fobs)

· Travel documents including passport and itinerary and any important contact details

· Essential medicines for the journey

· Wallets or pocket size purses

To help progress through the airport all customers are encouraged not to include items capable of containing liquids (e.g. bottles, flasks, cans etc.) in either their hand or checked baggage.

All electronic equipment will need to be removed from the item of hand baggage and screened separately. We recommend these items be packed carefully for easy removal at the security search point.

Pushchairs and walking aids will be permitted but must be x-ray screened.

Customers may purchase any item in any store in the departure lounge before departing their final UK airport and take onto the aircraft as normal, unless they are travelling to the USA.

Extra restrictions are in place for customers travelling to the USA from the UK. Customers WILL NOT be permitted to take any liquid or gel items purchased in the departures lounge into the aircraft cabin. All food or beverage items must be consumed before boarding.

Customers transferring through the UK
Customers transferring through a UK airport onto another flight must not buy any of the prohibited items listed above in duty free, prior to transferring onto another flight.

Customers transferring through the UK will be subject to the same hand baggage size restrictions as those originating their travel in the UK.

If you arrive into the UK to connect with a British Airways flight (irrespective of original carrier), with more than one laptop size bag (45cm x 35cm x 16cm), you may be refused travel.

Customers travelling from the rest of the world to the UK
Customers departing on flights to the UK from the rest of the world who are not transferring onto another flight, will be able to carry one standard sized bag, 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and one briefcase, laptop computer bag or equivalent, unless more stringent local regulations are in force.
However, customers returning from the UK must comply with the UK Department for Transport requirements which are:-

  • One cabin bag no bigger than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm, the size of a small laptop bag.

We would therefore strongly advise customers to check that the laptop computer bag does not exceed these dimensions.

Link: Answer

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  1. What if the perscribed medicine has the words. “DO NOT TAKE ORALY” and is used externally? Thanks for the post Marzouq. This is probably one of the most helpful ones out there.

  2. walain.
    y3ni i cant stock up on chocolates @ heathrow?
    ish’hal bilsha!

  3. Transparently: Well I thank 7nen for making the post, but Im always keep an eye out for anything that happens! And if they tell you take all the Vicoden you have, then you will pass out like a ton of rocks! hahahaha!
    Junoony: loool! Makoo chocolates! la’a! hehehe! Ur just going to have to pack them like everyone else!

  4. shlon i pack them! i just have a stopover in heathrow from the states! y3ni my luggage mo ma3ay when im in london!

    y3ni shasawe ana? :(


  5. Junoony: There are a few solutiions to your delima
    1) it3arfeen a7ad ib london? they can send it to you..

    2) you could check-in only to london, then you could pick up your bags at baggage claim, pack the chocolates that you can buy at the Duty Free and check back in..

    3) Wait until christmas!

  6. 7nen

    masawayt shay marzoug, i have just been using that site to keep me up to date since i’ll be travelling soon back to q8 (with yadity, and she over-reacts so I have to prepare her min al7een)..

    This is so much better than it was a week ago,, we couldn’t even bring a lady’s purse with us, never mind hand baggage,, !! we were supossed to carry everything in a clear plastic bag!! So I am really thankful that there have been some easements..

    But WIERD,, so now there is no point of duty free shopping?! and like junoony said,, AHAM SHAY IL CHOCOLATES ASLAN!! my aunt said maybe we could buy stuff and give them our flight info and they would deliver it to us in-flight.. but i dooooon’t think so.. :/

  7. 7nen: I know what you mean for the sake of preparation, she might need to be prepared. O inshalla itridoon bil salamah. They are really over-reacting with all the security things, because it wont really work.. stopping chocolate! hehehe! I dont think that will work either.. you cant sneak the chocolate on.. the Duty free places are really going to get hurt! Especially places like Molton Brown.

  8. N

    Thanks for the information.. It’s very useful.. Especially that i was wondering what i could take with me on board as i am flying to London next week. Btw.. i have a feeling i know u 7nen.. hmm.. bas it’s just a guess ;p never mind.. eheh

  9. What if I am going back to Kuwait on Kuwait Airways directly from New York.

  10. 7nen

    N: no duuuuuh ;P c u in London babe ;p

  11. N: No prob:)

    Jacqui: Call Kuwait airways in New York if you could get their number and see what they say, but I wouldnt carry any makeup or liquids on me if I were you, because your going through US security points and they are going to search you like crazy.

    7nen: hehehe, enjoy london. Keep us updated to see what happens!

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  13. N

    Eheh .. oh it is U..! It’s a small world afterall.. C u babe. ;p

  14. N: The ZDistrict brings people together! hehehe

  15. 7nen

    hehehehehe ;P

  16. lol @ vicodin! I had that perscribed after I had my wisdom teeth removed, that stuff is good!

  17. N

    Well i must admit.. I’m a big fan of your Blog.. Keep up the good work. :)

  18. Transparently: loool

    N: Thanks!

    Chiktute: looool!

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