*Travel Update III*

Ok this is another update from Yazeed who traveled to the UK, and from there to the US.

You can carry a bag no larger then 115cm on all sides. And you can have electronics in your luggage, but be prepared to take it out of your bag to be scanned individually. Basically no liquids of any kind, and I dont think you can bring on make-up, not even lip gloss. So the security level has gone down a bit.

And I think reading Travel Update II would help to clear any other questions. If anything else comes up I will make sure to post it.

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  1. great, my aunt just reached the uk, they took her make-up bag from her.. weird

  2. Moey: yeah.. they made it clear, no make up. And they dont trust women now too.

  3. lip gloss…for artificial touch up…sheeeeeeeeesh i hate those girls who carry a 1 kg mud pack layer(also known as makeup) on their face and dont bath for weeks to keep it….nothing comes near to natural boooty

  4. Cyber: hahahaha! Some lipgloss is nice, but not the make-up i see around here sometimes. They put so much its like a layer of clay! Not all of them, but the majority.

  5. was gonna send u a new update, but couldnt find ur email on ur blog. if ur interested, let me know.

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