Review: HP 5610



  • Color and black & white print outs are pretty clearly
  • Has broken down once.
  • Easily networkable, no problems on that end
  • Fax works well as well
  • Its relatively cheap 55 KD
  • I only had to replace the ink once after 6 months of usage
  • A good all in one
  • Small in Size


  • No media slots
  • Printing a bit slow
  • Scanner is of ok quality
  • Ink Cartridges arent cheap.


It does the job as an all-in-one, and it hasnt malfunctioned once. Im really happy with it, and the perfect thing about it is its compact size. It replaced our old crappy fax, as well as became the house printer. It prints images well enough on paper, but this printer is not meant to be a media printer. I dont think it would do well for those who want to print pictures. Its the best bang for your buck printer. The one that is replacing it, and its getting good reviews it the HP 6310, since this one is operating fine then there is no need to upgrade. But if your in the market then I would recommend the HP 6310 (98 KD).

Rating: r3.5.bmp

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  1. never owned a printer in my life…I can live without one…

  2. “Ink Cartridges arent cheap.”

    I think that applies to all HP printers :/

  3. Cyber: in kuwait you dont need it as much, but in the states I used to print out navigation details!

    3baid: very true, but i think some are cheaper then others if I am not mistaken!

  4. Jacqui: Hp makes crappy laptops, with the worst customer service. They always use generic brands, crappy ram which might malfunction is mediocre parts.. that has been my experience with their laptops.

  5. printers are sold with less profit…and you spent all money on catridges…hp is notorious for they expensive catridges..lasers are better I think…its spits out paper faster…LOL

  6. Cyber: lasers are better, but the color laser is expensive as hell! And your right they make their profit of the ink!

    K: Damn it ALL!

  7. Toxy

    Hey Zookie, I just got a new all-in-one HP3300 Wireless (not Bluetooth) printer. It’s amazing so far! I’ll post a review of it shortly!

  8. Toxy: Nice! Tell me how it is, is it also a fax? I have you put it through the hoops?

  9. ta3al .. You still want the episodes? I can probably fill up your hard drive within minutes.

  10. K: That would be great! How bout I give you my external HD and then you could fill it up! hehehe! Then you dont have to burn anything and you can just leave it!

  11. Toxy

    Marzouq, yep…an all in one…Printer, Scanner, photocopier, Fax, Wireless….you name it!

  12. Toxy: thats a huge laser print, and it nots color! That makes things slightly more difficult! hehehe

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