Why Riding!?


I get this question a lot when people find out I have motorcycle. The only thing people equate me to is a pizza on the floor. But its difficult for those who don’t ride to understand, but I always try to explain. And I take my time to explain. There is something about putting that helmet on, putting your gear on and hearing the engine underneath you come alive.

When I ride with the gear on, and on any road I have a lot of anonimity which I like. And riding motorcycle sets you on equal grounds with everyone else that rides a motorcycle. You can relate to any person that rides a motorcycle because of the passion you have for riding a motorcycle. You have a conversation with another rider, and your surprised that he is a 65 year old man riding a Motto-Guzzi, or this executive of a powerful company riding a Suzuki GSX-R 750 around the mountains and you have been following him for hours. Meeting people with completely different backgrounds and finding out why they are passionate about bikes and their relationships to it is just a part of the experience. Everyone is connected by riding in one way or another which makes it feel great!

Another experience is your relationship with your bike, and the battle your brain has telling you what you should, what the bike wants to do, and what your body does inbetween them. Your desire to get every corner just perfect and flowing through every turn. The extreme concentration, and clear thoughts. There is nothing in your brain but you thinking through the next turn, the space you have, how warm your tires are, and the sound of the engine beating through you. There is a degree of mental and physical excersion that you feel when going through all these smooth flowing roads, with just the right turns. It feels exhilirating, and when you get home park the bike, take your helmet off, and you feel everything is just right. Your head has never been clearer.

Motorcycles are not about “need” and “sense”, its about want! What you want to do at that moment! Do you want to cruise! Do you want to take off! You want to feel that thrill! It just feels damn good! Some people want to cruise across the world in a motorcycle or they want to go a race track and enjoy the ride, some people want to race professionaly. I WANT to do all of the above! All I got is time! I hope people understand why I love riding! Why I can relate to people that ride! When I find out that somebody rides, the differences between us blurs, and all I want to do is talk about is bikes! It has happened a few times!

Thats why I love riding.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I was so close to getting one when I was 14 (QR? lol) I was about to leave with my dad to buy it, my mom who had previously agreed changed her mind. Probably, I’d know exactly what you mean. I’d love to learn and get myself one. Can someone be too old to ride?

  2. transparently: Never! U can ride at any age! Ur never too old to ride! The guy I rode with in the mountains for the first time was 55, and he worked for Applied Materials, and he had a bike which is slower then mine, but he could ride better! So your never too old to ride! I have seen men well into their 60s who still ride! Its something you cant give up! I would get on a bike if I were you!

  3. chr0nik

    i luv to ride bikes but the fear of losin control n flyin off the bike always creeps up everytime i think about bikes..id luv to learn..have u had any bad falls marzouq?

  4. I have “Riding a motorcycle” on my to-do-list.. The things is, am always scared (mainly about flying off the bike heheh as chr0nik explained).. Yet I know that its gonna feel super great so, inshalla i will do it somedaaay :) A girl have to satisfy her need for speed *wink*

  5. chr0nik

    cuteberry , i have flown off bikes several times lol not a nice feeling hehehe

  6. You did?! Ouch! hehehehe shit happens .. Bs I still wanna give it a shot.. Let’s hope my luck would be better than yours *prays*

  7. chr0nik: if your in full gear, it isnt that bad. You avoid a lot of the scratchs and just have a few bruises. Thats how come I ride full gear all the time!

    Cuteberry: hehehe! It aint that bad, it all depends how you ride, some people are asking for it and they know it. And then there are those who enjoy going fast, but the same time walk the thin line!

  8. I know the feeling. I try to explain it to people but all I hear is: you’re crazy; you’re “baye3ha”; it’s suicidal, etc, etc

    I have been riding my brother’s bike and never actually bought one. But that’s about to change; I have finally decided to buy my childhood love bike: The CBR1000RR.

  9. chr0nik: I’ve had two falls, one was a couple of scratchs and the other I was in and out of the hospital, but pumped full of morphine on crutchs. But that was in the states on a two way street, and the guy made a turn without looking. You just have to watchout for other people. Next day I was at Yamaha on crutchs nagging them to fix my bike as fast as possible!

    Cuteberry: hehehe! Dont worry, as long as you know what your doing, you can keep the risks down. And it feels fantastic! Speed is very addictive! hehe

  10. Hitman1: I know what you go through trying to explain to them. Some people I can convince and some I cant. Very nice choise of bike, but the problem bil ikwait is the dealership! Im writing up a post about motorcycle dealerships bil ikwait! to help people know who is good and who isnt!

  11. marz..make sure you dont forget how to drive a car…LOL…you are so obsessed with your bike…I am afraid what happens after your marriage..LOL…your wife will complain that she is getting less attention than your bike…LOL

  12. Marzouq, the funniest bit is on the safat feeds page, another blogger has a post on why motorcycles suck!!??!! and its right below yours :D

    Riding is the only time you can actually think and really have your own space! cheers to you and the crazy bikers who find freedom in the ride! Always makes me smile when I see y’all and remind myself I need to find my adrenaline rush!

  13. Marzouq,

    Anything you can do to help a brother out would be highly appreciated. This would be my first ever bike.

  14. Cyber: I drive everyday, but look forward to riding! I think I will get my girl addicted! Hopefully, if I had to choose.. its like having to girlfriends! hehehe!

    Jitterbug: hehehe thats pretty funny, each has his own reasons, and his reasons are wrong! hahaha! But like you said its finding the thing that makes you tick, that makes you smile, that makes a bad day turn into a good one, helps you relax.

    The Extreme Moderate: Thanks!

    Hitman1: Hold off on buying the bike, I will finish up the post by tonight. I have a lot of information for you. So you could have all the details of who is good and who isnt!

  15. Cool stuff …

    oh and btw .. dun tell anyone … King of Comments, you have just been tagged .. check my site to find out about it …

  16. hahahah two girl friends….on a lighter side of it, but you know “what to do” on which one! hehehe! LOL

  17. i LOVE motorcycles, it’s like a roller coaster binisbaa lii. bs i wouldn’t want to drive i like being the passenger

  18. Man, thats really cool. The problem is learning to ride is not as easy. You should, if you haven’t already, post about what to do if you want to pick up riding a motorcycle, how to learn, and practice etc :P

  19. fractal: damn it! I hate tags!

    Cyber: hahahahaha.. yes I do!

    Laialy: That is also extremely fun! :)

  20. transparently: Im posting some pointers to improve riding, but there is only one place that provides classes and that is TriStar. I will post details about that!

  21. Cute UAE

    This comment is pretty late…but I was away…
    my experience with bikes is nooooo way comparable to yours, but I can relate to this feeling of urs…especially trying to make smooth turns around curves, my first attempt was flying off the bike! It hurst like crazy!!! ALLAH sittar!! haha….but trying to turn around curves smoothly became my favorite part, it’s scary and u should be quick and fast…u get that adrenaline rush…its addictive…especially when u hear a loud growling engine! (Too rough for a girl?! hehe)

  22. Fuzz

    Dude I cudnt agree more, but its not just with bikes, powerdrivers get the same sensation in a way. Theres a massive difference between people that just hit the gas and move from point A to point B and a driver that falls in love with the thrill he gets from putting his foot down on that pedal and feeling the car shred the ground. I have been on some rides that I must is much better than anything I have ever felt before. The thrill is just addictive. I would rather give up a chance to bang a supermodel than give up powerdriving for a while.

    …and I hate ppl that associate riding with death, what asses.
    Damn i feel like driving right now….

  23. Cute UAE: Thats the beauty of riding, you can always relate and no it aint too rough for a girl :) That adrenaline rush is priceless when things go smoothly.

    Fuzz: you have enthusiasim, but I have to say that drive is not close to how intense riding is. Your tastes will change as you grow older, but hopefully you find what you like. Even if its a supermodel hehehe

  24. ABCD

    All your explanations sound good, but I always wonder about driving a bike in the Kuwaiti heat. With cars you get the A/C going o yallah, with bikes how do u manage?

  25. knightrider

    Hi Z!,
    Very nice article on love of bikes! I hail from India and have driven over 30000kms on Delhi roads, in my four years of college. The bike was a humble 120 cc yamaha. Nothing compared to the superbikes :( . My dream is to own a superbike and lets hope that day comes while I am alive :)

  26. abuzer kadu

    hi, i am new to kuwait and am finding a very hard time locating a Triumph, Please help!!!!!!!!!!

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