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Kuwait Motorcycle Prices

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K6


Price: 3600 KD
Warranty: None
Agency: Mohammed Kamel
Website: None

Kawasaki ZX-10R


Price: 3900 KD
Warranty: 1 year warranty
Agency: AL-Radwan Inernational Group
Website: ZedMotors
Contact: 4828072 ext. 26

Kawasaki ZZR-1400


Price: 4200 KD
Warranty: 1 year warranty
Agency: AL-Radwan Inernational Group
Website: ZedMotors
Contact: 4828072 ext. 26

Honda CBR1000


Price: 3800 KD
Warranty: 6 months
Agency: Mutawa and Al Kazi
Website: It didnt even work
Contact: 4818442

Yamaha R1


Price: 3700 KD
Warranty: 3 months
Agency: Sultan Al-Salem
Website: None
Contact: 4839658

Duacti 999

ducati 999.jpg

Price 5900 KD
Warranty: 2 years
Agency: Jafar Behbehani
Website: TriStar
Contact: 4838101


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    ok u got me going.. i really really want a bike, the problem is i dont know how to drive one. You know anyone who would teach me? I tried back in lebanon a few times, but hopeless.

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    DAMN! Those are all amazing bikes. I cant stop looking at them!

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    the kawasaki zx-10R n Yamaha R1 look cool .. hows the aprillia bike?
    yea i wanna learn too.. i think the Tristar guyz can teach u how to ride.

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    This is what I have been waiting for! Awesome reviews. Now you’re going to start a revolution. It also seems there are many out there who’d like to learn. We’ll be waiting for the post on that! :)

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    Fonzy: Tristar will teach you for 200KD. They will take you through the whole thing! I love these bikes too! hehehehe

    chr0nik: your right the Tristar guys will teach you. And they will help you out with everything.

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    Transparently: Im happy it could help you out, Im going to edit the post so people will get the information.

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    Now you got me in a dilema. I have always wanted a CBR but if the dealer is *this* bad, I have to reconsider. My second choice would be the Kawasaki Ninja.

    Marzouq, apart from dealership woes, what sport bike do you recommend in terms of quality, performance, and ride between the CBR and the Ninja?

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    Hitman1: Honestly its all about what you want to do, the Ninja has been toned down slightly, meaning its more managabele now. The Ninja is a very wild bike, it has a lot of power and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. But its a fantastic bike. The CBR is a nice laid back sportsbike.. you will feel comfortable on it, but the seat needs to be changed for something with more padding! But as I said the problem is the dealership, it seemed very shady!

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    so for a beginner the CBR is a safer bike to start with rite marzouq? 200KD to learn ? bit steep isnt it n is it their bike incase we trash it hehe

  10. avatar comment-top

    chr0nik: yeah its their bike, but thing this they are the only ones who do offer proper learning courses for different levels, and they are good courses. The CBR isnt safer then the NINJA, its just tamer, but if you want another recommendation then I would take the Yamaha R1 over the Honda CBR, because the Yamaha dealership didnt seem shady at all they were straight forward. And the R1 is a very comfortable bike to start off on, isnt as wild as the Ninja, but overall a better bike from my experience.

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    Amazing post, the Ducati 999 is really fucking hot.

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    [...] Z District just posted on different bikes you can buy in Kuwait plus their prices. He also talks about the different dealers and what their advantages are. I have to agree with him on TriStar, they are real pros, even their mandoob is a rider! [Link] Filed under: Motorbikes Posted by Mark on 08.23.06 | Related Entries [...]

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    how can i contact Tristar?

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    I am nearing my mid-life crisis period, so picking up one of these babies may just be the ticket to keep things fresh!!

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    You forgot to mention the Harley Davidson mate, its the biggest community in Kuwait.

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    Mark: I agree the 999 is so damn hot!

    Fonzy: the phone number is listed up top!!!!

    cajie: I agree with you 100%

    fadibou: But as I mentioned in the notes above, I know Harley Davidson has a very good reputation in Kuwait for its service, and its people. The thing is that Harley Davidson doesnt relate to these types of bikes, not really comparable. So I made a small note that it doesnt involve them.

  17. avatar comment-top

    fonzy here are their numbers, maybe marzouq can add them to the original post:


    Zed Motorz

  18. avatar comment-top

    actually just read marzouqs comment and realized their numbers ARE on top and the sites lol, didnt notice it before..

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    what about gettin a bike license? is it difficult?

  20. avatar comment-top

    well first you need to get a learners permit. i am going to get mine on sunday. will post details on it once i do it.

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    I am not in Kuwait long enough to get a bike, but if you guys like sport bikes don’t forget Buell (you can get them at most Harley dealers…I assume the same is true in Kuwait). I think my cousin said they had them at the dealership in Saudi.

    I have driven my friends’ in the US and they are great machines.

  22. avatar comment-top

    Mark: loool, I will be waiting for the details Mark!

    Chr0nik: its not difficult at all!

    Laith: I think the Buell is a great piece of machinary, but I dont think it is available through the Harely Dealer in Kuwait except through special order. They dont have them in stock, I havent seen any in Kuwait.

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    Is the Ducati really worth its price tag?

  24. avatar comment-top

    Hello all,..been considering a Ducati Monster as a starter. Have checked out the ones in Tristar and I really fancy them, especially the S2R. Any background info would be helpful..

    Much appreciated

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    Hitman1: There are two ways to think about this. How often do you think you will ride it, the Ducati is a lovely piece of machinary and an amazing bike. The price is in it, because it is Italian, but then again if you think your not capabale enough to be on it I would recommend the Japanese because the day you drop the motorcycle its really going to hurt. Meaning if you make a mistake on a Japanese bike it isnt as painful as making a mistake on the Ducati. But as riding goes, you should get on a Ninja and see how you feel, then go get on a Ducati.

    nudorp: The S2r is an excellent bike, with a lot of Gusto. Whats great about this monster is its low end torque which gives it this amazing feel when your riding it. And just because its a naked bike it doesnt mean its lacking in handling. They have super corsa tires on that bike meaning race tires. I really recommend it especially since I know the monster’s seat is so comfortable. Its important for you to feel comfortable on the bike.

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    the black one looks HOT

  27. avatar comment-top

    Laialy: U liked the Ninja! hehehe! Everyone likes black!

  28. avatar comment-top

    once u go black thers no goin back ?? hehehe

  29. avatar comment-top

    chr0nik: u just had to! Didnt you!

  30. avatar comment-top

    lol sum1 had to :)

  31. avatar comment-top

    chr0nik: hehehe

  32. avatar comment-top

    WOW the black one is so sexy !!
    Its so annoying that girls cant ride motorcycles in Kuwait ! Id love to have the black one!!
    Thanks for the info.

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    auto insurace auto insurace

  34. avatar comment-top

    Marzouq… what have you done!

    (tuts and shakes her head slowly)

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    maybe i can get a used one…. jus too expensive for me…. how come no bmw???

  36. avatar comment-top

    S: Yup thats the Ninja!

    The Grenadine: I just open the door, you have to walk through it! hehehe

    mocman: oh, I was just looking at bikes that people were thinking off and asking me questions, nobody asked about a beemer! hehehe

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    indians can buy this sexy bikes…??? or this is only for kuwaitis,…???

  38. avatar comment-top

    rafi: Indians can buy whatever they want!

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    dude…if u wanna learn to ride a bike..i suggest u try da 250 cc bikes first….u have to start low and den jump step by step….ppl who think they are kings of da roadz on superbikes…end up straight in hell….m plannin to buy a r1 or a honda or ninja…but i dunno wats da criteria for a bike license in kuwait

  40. avatar comment-top

    dabeast: There are two things.. you get a learners permit and then you apply for an appointment. Your best bet is to head over to 248am to get the infro from Mark who recently went through this.

    The thing about riding a 250 in Kuwait its pretty dangerous you dont have an open are to try out the bike or ride nomrally. So you have to get something that is good enough to enjoy and keep away from the car. Its not easy finding that balance.

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    Hi there

    I have lived in kuwait for about 18 yrs or so and am now living in Australia. I have an australia motorbike license and wish to know how do i get it transfered to a kuwait motorbike license and also how do i get it insured and get a good deal on my purchase.The bike i love to ride is a Honda CBR 1000rr. I come into Kuwait on a visit visa so …is there any regualtion or shit of that sort..pls advice guys ..caz i love to ride on kuwait roads…

    thanx mate

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    Austin: The only way you can ride a motorcycle in Kuwait is using an international motorcycle license and thats if you do not reside in Kuwait. Since your on a visit Visa, so you go to your AA in Australia and get in international Motorcycle License. In kuwait there is no full insurance on any motorcycles, only Liability insurance is provided, no company provides full insurance. Im not sure if they will even provide you with insurance since you do not reside in Kuwait. They make things a bit difficult here. Regarding deals, well you dont have that many options since Japanese Bikes are abused so badly that you wouldnt want it used, and buying them new is difficult enough since they dont give-in that much on the price. I hope this gives you an idea.

  43. avatar comment-top

    Hi marzouk …thanx for your reply ..appreciate it dude …can you please explain that phrase Japanese bikes are abused so badly ..and why it aint good to get a new one or is it just hard to get a new one…Are there any bike rental companys for cars and stuff….this wud be the first time i wud be trying to ride bikes in kuwait so need as much help as i can get and you hve been a great help …

    Thanx buddy

  44. avatar comment-top

    Austin: If your planning to buy a used Japanese bike I dont advise it because in Kuwait they abuse the bikes so much because they are relatively cheap in people’s opinion. Many idiots regard motorcycles as accessories and abuse them and dont think twice about maintaining, if anything goes wrong they just sell them. That is the problem. Regarding buying a new one, it isnt difficult at all, Im just saying that there is one dealer for each brand so you have little to no room to negotiate the price. Riding motorcycles in Kuwait isnt as bad as people think, its all about riding at the right times and the right places. There are places you really want to avoid because they could dont have that much respect for motorcyclists here, because of some of the stunts these idiots pull. In kuwait there arent any motorcycle rental places like there are in Europe since they would probably get destroyed from day one. Let me know if you need anything else!

  45. avatar comment-top

    hi again

    that much more clearer to me now…caz out ere on the Gold Coast therz places where u can rent bikes and they provide CTP( compulsary third party) insurance and stuff….caz i was like oh ok when i get there i can just go into the airport rental services and get it done from there ….u have solved one issue of mine … which means only two ways which is a catch22 – buy new one and u get stuffd wid market prices cz less dealers around and buy used onz and hope it doesnt have an expiry date tag on it :P . I guess i wud be better off getting a new one for a better price and then selling it off rather than hunt for deals around for a good used one….I have been on Kuwaiti roads and i know how it feels when were in cars …forget bikes …where u wud probably even get to see a 3 lane change with no indicators and less than 2 secs space…have seen it happen quite often out there.

    Nice to see a few bike groups around …would love to see sum kewl bikes around. just before i sign off …can u tell me if visitors are allowed to get local motorbike licenses if they undergo local training or are they completely barred from the process.

  46. avatar comment-top

    I am lookingfor usedbike honda/suzuki/Duacti /R1 please if so contact me on 7068860 Abdul

  47. avatar comment-top

    Honda CBR 600 For Sale. New August 2006 From Honda Dealer Kuwait. Too Fast for me. Very Low Miles and Immaculate. Expat owned. Interested contact me with your number

  48. avatar comment-top

    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking to buy a used sportbike (2004 or later) in Kuwait. I would greatly appreciate if any of you guys let me know whom I could contact or where I could search for one. Please email me at Thanks!

  49. avatar comment-top

    Great looking bikes! Drooling over these pics as we speak. Can you ship these overseas or are these saleable in kuwait only?

  50. avatar comment-top

    im looking for scand hand BMW K 1200 LT mobile 6133120

  51. avatar
    Sijo Joys Says:
    June 17th 2007 at 12:30 AM

    I am in search of a genuine stock condition HONDA CBR or YAMAHA R1 with an affordable price from a genuine bikeuser. please contact

  52. avatar
    Da Beast Says:
    June 29th 2007 at 9:23 PM

    Yahoooo m buyin a R1 in 2 weeks time..:D waited 4 4 fukkin years…finally 2 weeks doesnt seem dat long….:D hehe

  53. avatar
    Sijo Joys Says:
    July 4th 2007 at 10:38 PM

    I need your help to get one used bike, which is not riped.

  54. avatar comment-top

    ok..i have a probs….i had a vasta but he fukked me up bigtime…i bought d fukkin bike tinkin he will get me d license…he now sayz his vasta is at ahmadi traffic dept…whereas i m frm farwaniya….anybody 2 help me out 2 get a damn istamara?????

  55. avatar comment-top

    Da Beast: you just take your civil ID, Driver License and paper work to the local department to get the Istamara. There isn’t anyone here with Wasta, we all got it legitimately.

  56. avatar
    Da Beast Says:
    July 11th 2007 at 8:38 AM

    So wat u sayin is dat unlike 4 wheeler, gettin an istamara for a 2 wheeler is easy?..i dun have a drivin license either dude…

  57. avatar comment-top

    Da Beast: then you have a long way to go!

  58. avatar comment-top

    oh damn….:((

  59. avatar
    Sijo Joys Says:
    July 12th 2007 at 8:58 PM

    Finally I bought one YZF R1 2004 Model, done 1800 Kms. Now i wana go for a licence.

  60. avatar comment-top

    Hey sijo even i bought a R1 2005 model 4800 kms….my istamara is ready hehe..whr about in kuwait??

  61. avatar
    Sijo Joys Says:
    July 31st 2007 at 10:57 PM

    Hi Da Beast

    I vent even taken istamara, busy with office stuff, i am fr Jaleeb Al shuwaikh,
    Ride safe..

  62. avatar comment-top

    Well I was wondering you have mentioned the prices of all the liter bikes.

    Can you please also mention the prices of sub-1000cc bikes too.

    Like the 600cc-750cc bikes.


  63. avatar comment-top

    Hey sijo…even m frm jleeb…but neva seen any other guy on a sport bike other den me…did u get ur license…my date is tomorrow…hehe…lol

  64. avatar comment-top

    Sijo…lets meet up dude….call me…9130620

  65. avatar comment-top

    hai,i want a bike honda 600cc sport 2003 model,if anybody
    this please inform me as soon as possible,my number
    +965 63 55 7 66

  66. avatar
    Houd Al Saleh Says:
    August 20th 2007 at 12:37 PM

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to sell my following bikes.

    KTM 990 Adventure, Model 2006. Mileage, approx: 1200km

    BMW R1150GS, Model 2003, Mileage, approx: 7800km

    Both Bikes are in excellent condiiton, full equiped. and well maintained with all accessories.

    Please let me know what is the procedure to do that. And the terms and conditions.

    Please reply to my email or fax number 2459805 (Kuwaiat).
    Houd Al Saleh

  67. avatar comment-top

    ahhh i got my license…n now m enjoin my ridin after a long struggle:P cheers…

  68. avatar comment-top

    my R1 is stolen….jus becoz my friend didnt lock it…wn i cum down its gone:(( damn….lost hopes on gettin it back……HELPPPPP

  69. avatar comment-top


    i am planning to come to kuwait for a month wondering if any one of u guys know where i can rent a motor bike.

  70. avatar comment-top


    I wanna sell my R1 as i am moving out , In excellent condition, Genuine Done below 5000 kms 2004 model. contact; 6447683 or 7547273

  71. avatar comment-top

    How much the Suzuki Hayabusa 2008 model cost out in kuwait? Are suzuki themselves handling these bikes?

  72. avatar comment-top

    Im a female, I love bikes and I want to learn how to ride. Where can I find a suzuki 600 for a good price?

  73. avatar comment-top

    Aristo: Not sure of the price, but yes Suzuki are the ones handling those bikes.

    Shae: If you want to learn how to ride in Kuwait you can contact TriStar and they would be able to help you. I wouldn’t recommend any of the Japanese dealers in Kuwait, the service is pretty bad.

  74. avatar comment-top

    Hello 2 all the bikers around here …

    I’m in kuwait from like 7 years and you guys are driving me CRAZY … Not in a bad way :) …
    Every time I see a bike on the streets I can’t help thinkin about the great feeling of adrenaline, freedom & speed a biker gets …

    Anyone I told I wanna get a bike replied something like:
    “… It’s not safe in Kuwait, it’s very hot in Kuwait, the cars are not very friendly to Bikers in Kuwait, do u wanna die? …” etc
    Any advice on those points?

    I WAAANT A BIKE :) … I’m going crazy about motorcycles.

    I just hate that everytime I have something else to take care of first … so tha bike has to wait …

    I hope 2008 will be THA RIGHT TIME ;)
    Greetz to all of you and hope to see you soon on the road.
    (and I don’t mean see you from my car …)

  75. avatar comment-top

    hi, i am looking for used triumphs, america, thruxton or the rocket III classic, any place in kuwait where i can find used triumphs???

  76. avatar comment-top

    hi there,
    if anyone of you have any information on where i can buy used Triumphs do let me know.
    cell: 7366261

  77. avatar comment-top

    hi please
    how much honda cbr 1000rr
    and yamaha r1
    and suzuki gsx1000r
    and zx 10

  78. avatar comment-top

    Hi all, loved reading your enthusiasm and for expressed love at first sight for many.
    I’ve been an aggressive rider for 12 years in the streets of Los Angeles and am currently on a Ducati monster 998. As one that has been down several times, done track time, and owned 5 (going on 6) bikes, I’d like to offer some on here (especially new riders) a few tips,,,

    Start small. Bikes have gotten faster every year, and rider ability has not kept pace with it. Most seasoned riders here advocate new riders start small and used, then trade up. If you dump it it will hurt pocketbook alot less (and physically as well since the bike will not be a meteor on impact)

    Learn as much as possible. Take a safety class first then a track class if you plan on riding aggressively. Join motorcycle forums and read up there.

    All sportbikes are good nowadays, and personal choice comes down to look and comfort (or tolerance for discomfort in the case of most sportbikes. . My monster has no edge over other bikes, and I love it simply for the naked look, the rumble of the twin engine, and finally the way the open clutch clacks.

    Good luck with your choice : )

  79. avatar comment-top

    Hi pal,
    I have tomorow a bike license test.
    Do you know if the practical test is hard?
    am little bit nervious… but i think i am prepared good …i will do the test on a small bike which i bough (only 70 CC lol)

    is it fine? and what do u suggest…
    manyt thanks buddy.. waiting your answer..

  80. avatar comment-top

    hi guys i like to buy some used motorcycle is there any other web site for me to check?

  81. avatar comment-top

    haaay Hussain, u can check . Also, i heared that Tristar Kuwait is making a huge sale on thier motorbike collection for 2006 and below modles next week. i advice u to check tristar


  82. avatar comment-top

    hussain: Try they have some info and you can call them up which is better!

    monichum: I agree, its worth checking out!

  83. avatar comment-top

    hi guyz this iz kabeer livin in kwt
    i wanna join gang of bikers so can u help me in this …

  84. avatar comment-top

    Hi Marzouq..Want to thank u for shedding ur valuable comments for others, trust me it really helps guys like me.
    I am plannin of buyin a bike. wuld realy lov to start 4rm 250 cc but goin 4 600cc. Had givn my drivin test but faild coz i took a wrong exit ,comin month is my 2nd test. hp i wil pass. if the weather wasnt the problem i am sure the roads wuld hav flooded with bikes like china or india heheh. But want to tell every1 out there Ride Safe. avoid riding on highways at peak hr.

  85. avatar comment-top


    wuts happening? no one writing any stuff here now?? i am new to kuwait.. and have little bit of biking experince in my life when i was in india.. having attended many rally in the south of india were biking is more i would like to step into a super bike..of which i have no experince… i would like comments from all the new users.. how they felt upgrading from the 100 cc bikes we have in india to the 600 and 700 cc ones here..

    also tell me how to get the learners licence .. a few simple steps to go about.. almost everyone i ask gives me a long list which gives an instantaneous turn off…

  86. avatar comment-top

    i want used bike cbr 600 or yamaha R1 any one got pls condact me 66355766

  87. avatar comment-top

    hey guys is there a place in kuwait where i can rent a motorcross bike for like a day ? or less ?
    plz send me the answer on this email , thanks

  88. avatar comment-top

    Dear all ,Just a general question,
    Where can i find Helmets for Suzuki Motorcycle in Juwait

  89. avatar comment-top

    hi.. im looking to rent a motocross bike for a day or less..
    where can i find that ??

    is there like a number u can call and reserve a bike

  90. avatar
    the jackle Says:
    May 21st 2010 at 10:09 PM

    wake up u little children!

  91. avatar comment-top

    I want to Buy used honda cbr 600cc..
    can anyone help me??

  92. avatar
    Mohammed Abdullah Says:
    July 30th 2010 at 12:19 AM

    Hi every1,

    Can anybody tell me where i can get a second hand bike in a good condition, i wanted to buy a sports bike in Kuwait.

    Kindly send me the details of any sport bikes to my email id –

    I will be appreciated for your help!


  93. avatar comment-top

    Ther’s a shop behind Tristar motorcycles u can try ur luck over there.

  94. avatar
    Mohammed Abdullah Says:
    July 31st 2010 at 9:40 PM

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks but i don’t know the address can you please give me the address of Tristar motorcycles!

  95. avatar comment-top

    Its in sharq, opposite al kaleejya building.
    Ask anyone about the BMW showroom for bikes and they will guide you.
    The shop falls behind tristar building.
    If you stand near the busstand direction from city to salmiya you will see a small lane going inside the auto machanic shops.. you wont miss his shop.

  96. avatar
    Mohammed Abdullah Says:
    August 1st 2010 at 10:17 PM

    Hey Ashley,

    Thanks bro for your great help! this saturday i will go n check out, by the way where do you live in kuwait?

  97. avatar comment-top

    Hi all. Am a lady N i really want 2 learn.

  98. avatar comment-top

    Hi Day… Have you got any experience driving a 2 wheeler??

  99. avatar comment-top

    No. Just sitting on the back of the bike driver.

  100. avatar comment-top

    Actually no. Just sitting on the back of the bike driver :(

  101. avatar comment-top

    No :( just sitting on the back of the bike driver. Would you please help me. Cuz i really want to

  102. avatar comment-top

    Any1 wanna help?

  103. avatar comment-top

    lol…ok well you can always get enlisted and i prefer winter season to be the right choice. you can check out the TriStar BMW showroom in sharq since they teach 2 wheelers..Talk to Mr. Salem.:)

  104. avatar comment-top

    Thaaanx ash.

  105. avatar comment-top

    ur welcome.. Happy learning and driving :)

  106. avatar comment-top

    Hi my bike was stolen from 2 weeks now any body can help me to find
    its honda 954 with chasses no jh2sc50a92m006095
    plate no 9524

  107. avatar comment-top

    #954 to bad you lost it mate. well you can always stay put on gulf road,hopefully you might find someone riding it or visit all the 2 wheeler mechanics shop coz the thieves tend to sell it for parts.

  108. avatar comment-top

    Thanks Ashley wish me luck

  109. avatar comment-top

    I am an American and have just recently arrived back in this wonderful country that I helped to liberate back in 90/91.

    I love to ride and am looking for a cheap motorcycle to ride on my one day off a week. Anyone have any ideas? Any brank/make, no scooters. LOL


    Please contact at:

  110. avatar comment-top

    bro….i want ask u about price of second hand motor bike.approximatelly….how much does second hand honda cbr….thanks….

  111. avatar comment-top

    bro….i want ask u about price of second hand motor bike.approximatelly….how much does second hand honda cbr or do u know cheap second hand motor bike?thank and god bless u…..

  112. avatar comment-top


    you choose the wrong time since its winter season prices will be high. If you had looked in sep you could hav probably got the bike for 700 kd. (2003 model CBR)

  113. avatar comment-top

    WOw this is amazing! Thanks to the author of this noble web.

    I am planning to buy a second hand motorbike after winter season in Kuwait.

    In your last reply it says: you choose the wrong time since its winter season prices will be high. If you had looked in sep you could hav probably got the bike for 700 kd. (2003 model CBR)

    Hurrrayyy! 700 KD or lower than this figure fits my budget for my starter bike.

    Like the others, Id like to ride an MC here.

    Anybody selling in here?
    My preference is a cruiser however I can also ride other types.


  114. avatar
    nabeel ahmed Says:
    February 9th 2011 at 1:42 AM

    hello allz i have a bike in excellent condition Honda cbr 600 2001 any 1 intrested i am selling my bike. passing till november 2011.My asking price is 1100 kd negociable. call me if any 1 intrested 65027864.thank’s

  115. avatar
    muhammad shahzad ahmad Says:
    May 3rd 2011 at 3:04 PM

    i need a motore bike honda secound hand from where i buy its be good condition
    maybe 220cbr like that or 220 cc honda yammha kawasaki
    any one
    plz help me

  116. avatar comment-top

    Hi guys anybody know from where I can rent a bick but not from hurrlly daividson cuz it’s so expensive 150 KD for 3 days. Thx

  117. avatar
    No 1 Special Says:
    May 11th 2011 at 9:49 AM

    S@M, I know where you can rent a bike but a bick is a bit challenging. I need to think more. Ur welcome.

  118. avatar comment-top

    please if you can help i need to rent bick i promice my dougther to make round for her
    my mobile 60002015
    i have driving licence for bick

  119. avatar comment-top

    Just bought the 2011 Ninja 650 and love it.
    It has the speed and power of a Rocket and a Horse combined with the gentleness of a Kitten.
    Technology is amazing!
    Oh! not to forget, A sticker price at only 2300 KD

  120. avatar
    Haseeb Shafi Says:
    October 14th 2011 at 9:43 PM

    hi to every one,

    brothers i am looking a used bike with a good price….& here all posts are very old…if anyone selling his bike from 2000 to 2006 model so please contact with me.. my phone # is 94464520

  121. avatar comment-top

    Hey hi allz i also want to buy a bike but i want in price of 1000 kd to 1200 kd (kuwaiti dinar) any 1 intrested Call me Please 50688344

  122. avatar comment-top


    I m really interested in buying a bike here in kuwait maybe from 1000KD to 2000KD… Please help me out. If I can get the showroom numbers of Yamaha, Ducati and Kwasaki would be great.

    Do call me my number is 97303002

  123. avatar
    Fluffybutt Says:
    December 3rd 2011 at 6:14 PM

    Hay people im also looking for a bike between 600-1500kd

    if any 1 knows off any please let me know on


  124. avatar comment-top

    hey people… im looking for a bike..good condition between 500 to 800 KD

    Here is my email address

  125. avatar
    Leonardo Santiago Says:
    December 12th 2012 at 3:39 AM

    Anybody wants to buy my bike. I have apache tvs 180cc good condition 350 KD. Anyone interested just please contact me 96646038

  126. avatar comment-top

    Hi All,
    I’m planning to attend the Bike Show in Kuwait on 15-2-2013. I would like to inquire about booking a motorcycle for rental for that day.
    Can any one assist me with that please?
    please Email Me:
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi readers, I know its wrong time to buy a bike in kuwait. I am looking for a 250cc motor cross or a 600cc sports bike. anybody got a lead. pls contact or text on 50192333.

  128. avatar
    ramadhan_kareem Says:
    July 11th 2013 at 4:00 AM

    Hy marzooq

    I need your help
    You said 200kd and you will help the person through the whole stage
    Does that include only the license and training ?
    And about the bikes
    Do you have a good sports bike for like 1500kwd

    Thanks nd regards :)

  129. avatar
    ramadhan_kareem Says:
    July 11th 2013 at 4:01 AM

    Hy marzooq

    I need your help
    You said 200kd and you will help the person through the whole stage
    Does that include only the license and training ?
    And about the bikes
    Do you have a good used sports bike for like 1500kwd

    Thanks nd regards :)

  130. avatar
    Ahmed Shahul Says:
    April 4th 2014 at 10:53 PM

    hi riders,

    good day,

    i got ma DL in kuwait to drive bikes, i love bikes and am crazy on it, and am a good rider as well as a racer too, but ma issue is money i cant buy one with full amount is there any company is providing loan for bikes.

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