Turn by Turn


The Following Took place between 8am and 12am.

Out the door, flying to get to a meeting in Shuweikh while systematically navigating through traffic.

The power at the office in Shuweikh went out, and it was getting hot quick, and I was out and about in the sun to come back into a little oven. But the power came back on around 10:10am so that was solved.

Back at the main office I finished up a lot of work and wanted to post on my blog. Turns out my host was having some problems so I was unable to access my blog, turns out my host in the US was having problems of their own. So I thought I would leave things be until later.

Power went out at the main office, I called the Shuweikh office and they told me nothing was wrong with them. So I kept working on some paperwork. I was happy the UPS kept the servers running long enough that I could shut them down without any incident. No Bird flew into my window but I kept an eye out for one.

Arrived home to play with nephew and relax with family. I had that headache from having been in cold and hot areas all day with a lot work to do. I like going one stretch no lunch break so I can leave early if I can. Today was too bad towards the end of the day. As we were eating the PUFT.. silence again. Just like what some people have been going through. We continued our lunch laughing, and it was mentioned that suddenly it felt hot and it was only a few minutes after that.

Finished up eating and I needed to get some sleep. The electricity was still out. So I decided to take a nap since I probably needed for family night tonight. I was asleep after a little bit but an hour later I noticed the power kick back on and kept sleeping.

I woke up and washed up, I felt better after not getting enough sleep during the night. I went over to help change my nephew, he kept kicked and giggling which made me laugh. And I noticed that the Internet was down, tried calling Qnet and nobody would answer. And I just decide after all this to let it come on when it comes on.

Some cousins started arriving, and we were all sat down started talking to each other. We were discussing the power problems, and the Qnet problem. Nothing was completely clear, but something is going on in the background. Steps need to be taken find out what is happening, who is in control. Conspiracy theories were being put together, plans were being implemented people were contact.

I should crash.

Through out this whole episode of a day I was in constant contact with Tony Almeda, Cloe, and Jack Bauer.

(The months from now until January are wasted without 24)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. N

    Allah e3eenik.. that was one Long day for sure especially with the electricity on and off. Walla fashla il q8 is passing by something like this. They should have seen the problem coming and solved it before becoming something major. And i can seeing it getting worse. ;/ Oh well.. anyways.. how is ur nephew..? We haven’t heard abt him for a while. You should make a new post for him.. eheh ;p

  2. hahahahaha.. dude, if Jack Bauer had your day, the show will never pick up.. But I shouldn’t be talking, cos mine is so lame compared to yours..

    in my scenario, I would say the following took place between 7 am and 3 am everyday for the past 3 months.. lol

  3. interesting, long, and tiring day… im sure u enjoyed the crash the most. And yes they need to find a solution to this electricity problem ASAP.

  4. N: hehehe! My nephew is doing good! Im writing up a post about him! hehehe! Things are pretty crazy with the electricty! We give out money to countries that need money, but we dont have enough electricity in ours!

    The Don: hahahahahaha! U should see me.. I could hear the tick tock tick tock.. in my head! hahahaha!

    Fonzy: I agree with you! The electricity needs to be solved!

  5. magyoula deratna derat ba6ee5 :P

    lel asaf

    we7na kelena ayamna ma95a chethy .. meta iy9er 3endena lifestyle methel il awadem o youm imratab 3la shay yeswa…

    to me alot of things are holding me back .. 7annat ba3th il nas o da3alat ba3th il nas .. y3ny .. alah iy3een ..

    ya7leela ur nephew alah iy5aleh lukum inshala

  6. Ree7at il Nuwair: I understand how you feel, bes hathee deratna. Alah esalmich! :)

  7. OC: It aint that bad as long as the house remains cool.

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  9. u geek :P

    24 suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    and hey im still waiting on my DVDs!!!!!

  10. ananyah: I will kick your ass! Dvds will be on the way!

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