Wow Jessica!


Im not a fan of Jessica Simpson, but I stumbled upon her new music video. She is very hot I have to admit, and I dont think they could have put more famous people in this video, there isnt enough time! But most are pretty hot.

Duke’s of Hazzord wouldn’t have made it without her (hehehehe)

Link: Youtube

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  1. Tuesday, August 15, 2006
    A Bottle In The Sea!
    I know that it’s hopeless to write this down, but it would be so great to find what I’m looking for!
    Here it goes;

    I’m looking for an adult male pure breed West Highland White Terrier.

    If you have one, or know someone who has one, or know someone who could help me to find one, I’ll be interested in buying it!

    So could you all please spread this?

    I know that it’s a rare breed in Kuwait, but I would love to have it, fix your price!

    P.S In case you don’t know how it looks like just Google it!

    She’s hot alright!

  2. Blue Ice: I noticed you have been looking for this dog for a while, but I have no clue where you could find it. I hope you do! Cause you have been posting everywhere! And yes she is hot!

  3. allaaaaaah 3ajeeeeb il video .. ana a7eb jessica simpson wayed … teshbah refeejty bas refeejty kwuwaitiya chal7a (tanned 5elga) :P bas 7ilwa :P

    she’s hot .. i wanna look like that, the skin the hair .. 3aaaa :(

  4. Yea maybe paws, blue ice envy.. asked a couple of ppl too to no avail..

    anyways marzouq, I bet you’re gonna have at least 16 comments with readers redirecting to see this blondie..

  5. Ree7at: looool! hehehe! Post soorat erfeejtich and let people be the judge! hehehe

    Jitterbug: hahaha! I dont even know! loool!

  6. chr0nik

    schwiiiingggggggg :p

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  8. chr0nik: loool

    Cyber: Im not that found of blondes, but I will make exceptions!

  9. Cyber: Brunettes over anything! Hell yeah!

  10. heheheh! wish u a gr8 weekend dude…chillout…overtake me on gulf road………zooooooooooooooooooooooom!……..okay? LOL

  11. Marzouk, email me, wanted to ask you a favor.

  12. Marzouq,

    ya khoy 7aram 3alaik… I was shocked when I saw her picture. I don’t think my heart can take another blow like this one.

    Jessica is damn hot.

  13. unknown

    Marzouq thank you for your blog and it’s one of the best kuwaity blog if not the best, but plz why you don’t change the banner of you blog ?

    because it’s don’t reflect your blog content even if you post much about biking but i see your blog more like entreatment

    and if someone new to your blog and see your banner maybe he would exit cause he think that your blog is just about biking

    anyway thanks and good luck :)

  14. hehehehehe ok ok ok i admit that she is hot bas Eva is hotter :p

  15. Cyber: thanks! Have a good weekend too! hehehe!

    Aqib: Sent!

    Hitman1: I agree she is pretty freaking hot.

    unknown: I appreciate the complement! I cover a lot of topics on my blog from entertainment to electronics to anime to bikes. But I think the banner is cool, because of friend of mine did it for me. I relate a lot to bikes that why I like it! I will change it but for another bike! hehehe!

    Bella: Yes Eva is hotter! By 100%!

  16. from the 4 in the video who’s at the top of your list?

  17. Laialy: honestly the top of my list is Christina Milian! She is hot! She is cute! And everything in between!

  18. she’s hot yes yes yes, her boobs are a good size hahahaha I wish mine were like that!

  19. ananyah: good size boobs! hahaha! Contact her for exact size!

  20. Yeahhhh she’s damn hot! But i like her sis Ashlee more…

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