Long Weekend!

This is going to be a fun long weekend! I havent been in the water for while! I got my 10 year old jetski up and running after cleaning up the engine and changing out the sparkplugs and pumping in the gas! Im happy it works really! I got a ton of Dvds with me, lots of anime which I dont think the guys will really appreciate! Its an acquired taste! hehehe! I burned two new CDs so its going to be a nice slow drive with the jet ski in tow.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. “lots of anime which I dont think the guys will really appreciate” You are aiming me! LOL

    yeah…I am goign to watch some old movies…I took those from a frend and never had a chance to watch ’em all…will have to finish all this week…

  2. a wee bit bike fanatics arent we >;)

    eeemmm.. may i join u in ur ride.. ruin it for u with me singin or eemm mumbellin the lyrics to song i dont even know >;)

  3. Noooooo…I do appreciate your anime and your reviews….keep them coming :)

  4. S

    hope u guys hav fun !

  5. Cyber: hopefully you can watch all the movies you want! I’m enjoying my anime! hehehe!

    jiji: I don’t think you would be humming anything when riding behind me! hahaha! Probably screaming something! hehe! And your hair would be everywhere and you would be smiling after taking the helmet off!

    Fallen: Don’t worry I won’t be stopping anytime soon! I’m going to keep writing anime reviews, I just meant people in the shalaih won’t like the anime, but I’m still watching! hehehe

    Bella: Thanks! Its just what the doctor has ordered!

    S: hamdillah, its turning out to be a nice weekend!

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