Jack Won It!


He is the man! Jack Bauer won it! Fonzy knew it was going to happen!

Jack won it and 24 got every other award that it needed to get. Who ever doubted Jack’s abilities are now in danger.

Link: CNN Entertainment

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  2. I ordered myself this…You may be interested in getting your own if you haven’t already gotten a slew of 24 shirts.

  3. chr0nik

    cool shirt Toomz .always knew jack would win ;)

  4. Toomz: I have the one with Jack’s face and it says WANTED! hehehe!

    chr0nik: yes he will always win!

  5. chr0nik: 6anko.

    Marzouq: I really hope it continues being this great and doesn’t turn into a joke. Love your shirt. I need more, more, more.

  6. Tooomz: I know what you mean! I hope they keep going! I dont even know whats going to happen next! Its so crazy!

    James: Who is Kiefer! Its Jack Bauer allday everyday!

  7. Mabrouk…waitin for the next emmys

  8. I’m glad that Kiefer..err…I mean Jack won, but I also kinda wanted Christopher Meloni to win too. He’s a very talented actor…he’s staring in Law & Order SVU. Oh well…what can you do LOL

  9. MAZE: Thanks! hehehe!


    Hitman1: It always will!!!

  10. Hey Marzouq i used to be a big fan of 24 too..but recently im not having time to watch it!!

    but before putting that 24 bullets in Fonzy`s head wanna tell you that Jack Bauer`s real name is “Kiefer Sutherland”..in case you wanted to know ya3ni..

    Hey heyy dont point that gun on me,just wanted to help..nooooo i dont know this Fonzy guyyy!!

  11. Noush: I will have to anniahalate you! There is nothing left for me to do but that! His name is JACK BAUER AND HE WORKS FOR LOS ANGELES CTU!

  12. Honestly…everyone knew he was going to take atleast one award. Guy deserved it…and he got TWO.

  13. Noush: I know your location!

    Sam: Hell yeah! He deserves em all!

  14. Season one was great but the rest are downhill.

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