Delayed Departure

So I was supposed to be up in the air by 8:45am German Standard Time, but something crazy happened in the terminal. Nothing dangerous but the funniest thing I have ever seen. I was sitting in the terminal for over 2 hours with only a few people around. Then these security people in red coats telling us to go to the end of th terminal and come back in 20 mins.

I couldnt understand what was going on, but I didnt really care and I just got up and went to the beginning of the terminal. Later on I figured out that the security screening for that Terminal wasnt there until 45 mins before the flight. They want to scan people who were already scanned previously. So there were about three flights that were supposed to leave, and I was lucky to be standing up front, because I refused to go back to the end and acted as if I couldnt understand her English, and she gave up. So when they opened the security line I had the Female German version of Danny DeVito screaming at me in German to do something then she said take your shoes off. I was about to laugh but I held it in. They opened up the bag and did the scan, everything went smoothly. Then another document check at the gate. It was hectic! Too many people in a short amount of time. So hour flight was delayed over two hours!!! Thats a long time!

Now Im posting from plane number 2! I shouldnt get used to this or I would expect this from every plane! I dont think there is any other form of Entertainment needed! I just want to eat and pass out! Its been too freaking long since I had food in my mouth! That breakfast did it for about 1 hours, but now Im starving! I NEED MEAT!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You’re almost there! San Fran is waiting for you.. Hope you have a safe trip and a fun vacation :)

    Oh and lucky you.. I can’t even imagine a Female German version of Danny DeVito.. LOL!

  2. moocherx

    I think there must have been another threat worldwide…. yesterday the checks in Bangkok for both the London and Dubai/Kuwait flights were continuing AFTER both flights were supposed to have taken off. This never happens in BKK airport, EVER.

  3. just think: lombard street.. lombard street!! ghiradelli square… ALCATRAZ =)

  4. you should have seen how long my line was before entering the gates!
    it ran through that coffee shop in the middle of the terminal!
    it took me about an hour to reach the actual inspection, it was hell!
    glad ur ok, and it seems that ur enjoying ur internet on a plane :)
    becareful!, they over charge!
    i used it for one hour, and was charged for three!

  5. Eddy

    LOL imagine if you were wearing a dishdasha and reading the holy quran. i bet theyd shoot you on sight .

    Anyway have a safe and fun vacation

  6. Bandit1200S

    Just got back from San Francisco. Be sure to test your calves and hike up to Coit Tower for one of the best views in town. Lombard St. was cool with one terrace that had a giant pink flowering plant that you could see for blocks.

    The “Bush Man” was still there on the Wharf scaring passersby to the endless delight of other tourists. This guy has been there every time I’ve been there and must rake in about $200 a day. He is on the West side of the street to the left of the main crabshack.

    Have a great time.

  7. lol!! i just imagined the female version of danny de vito!! LOL. Take it easy man. its almost over. No pain no gain!!;)

  8. Cuteberry: Thank you! I made it! hehehe

    mooocherx: yeah! thats pretty crazy!

    Yazeed: I know what you mean, I bought the whole flight payment for $26.00, and I split it with the guy next to me! That worked! hehehe

    Eddy: hehehe! Thanks!

    Bandit1200S: hahaha! You remember the Bushman! I used to watch that guy while getting some clam chowder! hehehe!

    Fonzy: Its over! hahaha! I will be posting lots of pics as soon as I remember to keep my camera with me!

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