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Plot Summary: Yugo the Negotiator has never lost a case. He has vowed to complete any mission he undertakes, no matter what. A woman came to him one day asking for him to save her father who was being held hostage by a rebel group trying to overthrow a Middle-Eastern government. Aided by his many contacts, Yugo heads to the Middle East with no idea where to start, but he’ll discover he’s not alone on his mission.

Yugo is a different kind of anime then what you are usually used to. It revolves around the story of the negotiator, and his capabilities. Yugo is a special kind of negotiator, he has a 100% succcess rate, and he accepts missions on certain criteria and money isnt part of it. What is very interesting about this anime, and it got me to follow it is how much Yugo gets involved in the negotiation, and what he does to make sure everything goes smoothly, putting his life on the life is acceptable for the right cause in his mind. Its interesting seeing how he adapts to different cultures and how he gets involved in it. I think this is a good anime to watch, different story, but the dubbing isnt good. I wish they developed the story lines a little better.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork
Rating: r3.02.bmp

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  1. am starting to like these japanese cartoons. Was neutral at first.

  2. But dude ..
    Wait …
    The first story is awesome .. i liked their interpretation of Islam and Muslim values, it is really nice, i was surprised.

  3. i remmber when i watched the sub’ed version it said pakistan
    did they change it in the dub ?

  4. Fonzy: hehehehe

    fractal: yeah it was pretty good!

    forzaq8: it ends in Russia!

    fractal: they did Pakistan the first time, and the end in Russia! pretty good all together!

  5. YES YES…I have seen it…only the first episode though cuz they kinda “removed it” cuz it was so controversial. But, I think the dub version was quite good…I recognized many of the voice-overs.

    PS: I’m thinking of writing my own anime reviews :)

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