The Return!

This has been one crazy trip! I got too many stories! And a lot of pictures that I will be posting over the next couple of weeks! Everytime I go to the Bay Area it is never enough! But thats what a vacation is about! Enjoying your time spent! I saw only a few movies! Got to watch a good amount of TV, some good restaurants! A lot of riding! A good amount of shopping for other people! And got to hang out with a lot of good friends so I couldnt be happier! Now back to work!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. zooooooooooooouk ur coming back ur coming baaaaaaaaaaack!

    daaaaaaaamn i missed u like crazy dude!

  2. welcome back marzouq!!! hasnt been the same without u! looking forward to those pics and stories:)

  3. Nash

    Welcum Back.GUd to hear u enjoyed ur trip..!.the blogging world missed u.n am sure so did ur family;)!

  4. N

    It’s been a while i must admit.. WELCOME BACK.. We’ll be waiting for the upcoming posts. :)

  5. 7mdl’Allah 3al salameh.. ashwa my tahdeed worked and u came back. bs if i were u, i wouldnt have left ‘Frisco! =)

  6. Bedon mojamalh….I missed you dude :)

    Welcome back and 7amdellah 3al salamh :)

  7. moocherx

    someone should tell InterPol to call off their search for the missing Kuwaiti ;-)

  8. ananyah: thanks! hehehe! missed you too!

    Yazeed: alah esalmik!

    OC: Thanks! And lots of stuff to post about! hehehe!

    Fonzy: I will be post about a lot of stuff! And tons of Pics!

    Nash: Thanks! I did miss writing up, but I was always on the move!

    Jacqui: Thanks!

    N: Thanks! I will be posting a ton over the next coming week!

    1001: alah esalmich! :)

    MSB: hahaha! I love Frisco, and I have a lot of friends there! So its hard to leave! hehehe! Just means more trips!

    Fallen Angel: Same here! Got used talking to people everyday so it was a bit strange not talking to everyone! hehehe! But I will get back on track, and I have a ton to post about!

    moocherx: THEY WILL NEVER FIND ME! hehehe!

  9. Yo Marzouq, we’ve been missing you on the forums dude ;)

    I’ve been away myself (still am)…. welcome back!

  10. as if you haven’t seen me saying “welcome back… “

  11. Tozy: Thanks! I will be going around to alot of blogs the next couple of days!

    Cyber: thanks dude! hehehe!

  12. chr0nik

    welcome back dude, missed reading ur posts ..its been 2 long man!! anyways glad ur back so start postin! :)

  13. hamdellah a3l salameh….good to be back home!

  14. chr0nik: Thanks! I got a lot to post! hehehe!

    MAZE: alah esalmik! Good to be home!

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