Back to Kuwait

Its been a bit hectic the last two days!

I have a lot of pictures from this trip. A lot riding and many things that I did. Also I have a lot things to catch up with since I came back.  The worst thing possible was probably checking my work email when I came in. 226 emails in 10 working days, and 90% of it is junk mail. The other 10 % I have to work on, and keep on replying to all the questions and inqueries!

I spent most of my first day with the family, and then I went visited some of my aunts, and grand parents and other relatives. Thats what I usually do when I go on extended travel. I still have a few people to visit and say hello to before I could meet up with friends.

Driving in Kuwait traffic this morning was annoying as hell, but I noticed that my driving was a lot more civil then when I left. I was less angry from the idiots on the road, and I was using my signals alot so then people werent letting me in. It was interesting that I was very mellow when driving. I wasnt even used to this.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. last two weeks it was pretty nice to drive :D policemen were resting bcoz they were relieved from the biker boy. :D

  2. I guess the Bay Area does change some people and make them more civilized

  3. Welcome back

    Your mellowness will only last a couple of days ;)
    Driving is hell here now

  4. Cyber: hahaha!

    howahkan: Yeah, it does. You just kind of keep on chugging along..

    Jewaira: It hasnt been long and Im reaching that point! loool!

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