Review: Tristan and Isolade


This is an epic movie revolving around the history of England and the relationship with the Irish. Tristan is a warrior for one of the English tribes, and Isolade is an Irish princess. This is story line is very interesting since its follows an interecate tale between the two of them. There is war between the English tribes, and war with the Irish. The battle scenes are great for an epic movie, and you get drawn in by the characters and how things play out with all the relationships being formed in the background. James Franco plays the character of Tristan peferectly, and I think it is a good movie to just sit down and watch, and its extremely entertaining to watch.

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  1. I saw that movie last April at the cinema. The story was good, but the best part of the movie for me was this unkown girl sitting at the back of the theater and she was loudly crying at each sad scene. It was not your normal tears down the cheek sniffing, it was more like a baby when you pull aways his candy from him. Sorry, she made the sad scenes so funny.

  2. It’s amazing my sister #4 is addicted to it, I mean she downloaded it, made me buy the DVD and then made me watch it with her, although she watched it around 100 times so far but it’s still a great movie, I loved it, the scenary in the movie was great.

  3. Don Veto: Hhahahaha! I would be laughing like crazy too!

    Mark: hahahaha! Maybe.. except there was lots of blood!

    Jacqui: I watched it once, and I think thats enough!

  4. Laialy: Mark was right, I need to watch Rambo to make up for really liking this movie! loool!

  5. loooooooooooooool
    nothing wrong with getting intouch with your feminine side :p

  6. Laialy: Yeah I know! I get in touch a lot! loool!

  7. dia

    I played it about 12 times and I would if you asked me Right now .. and I would Have a test about this Movie and i’d Get a 100 out of 100 .. I love it .. I loved the costumes and of course Senior James Franco

  8. tom c

    Tristan was a great movie that did not get enough attention.i watched the dvd twice!

  9. I have to agree, it is a pretty damn good movie

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