HD Delema!


I know some people who have gone through this, and Im the one who is always preaching about back-up and it has happened to me. One of the Hard Drives on my computer has failed! Western Digital Hard Drive Failure! Its a four year old hard drive which had all the latest videos, music, pics, and personel stuff.

The problem that I had is that the HD failed the day I was flying to the states so I couldnt even have access to my anime that I have stored up. But what is driving me nuts is that all the pictures of my Nephew are stored on this Hard Drive, and Im going to do everything possible to fix it. The guys in Hawally didnt open the HD because he said it sounds like a Head Crash and they dont have the tools to fix it, which I appreciate him telling me. So now I have to send it to drive specialists to deal with this mechanical failure. And from what I read you have to be very careful with it, and the faster you deal with it the better the chances of retrieving the data. Even though I was gone for two weeks the HD wasnt moved, so Im going to send it to DriveSavers to see if they can get things back for me since they had good customer feedback. I have to have my nephews pics back!

The funny part is that I ordered an Infrant ReadyNAS NV two weeks before, but it seems it didnt arrive soon enough. Its just my luck but Im hoping for the best, and I hope people back up most of their data. I will setup the Infrant NV and post pics about it later, and I will keep you updated about what DriveSavers say they can do.  I have most of my stuff backed up, its just the items from the last 6 months that I didnt back-up, but now Im going to back up on a monthly basis so it wont happen ever again! (I hope)

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  1. moocherx

    bad luck mate

    i just bought a couple of small 120GB mini-usb passport-sized external hard-drives at the weekend, and backed-up my music, video and photo files. 40KD each, not bad I think.

    i’d consider getting a powered 500GB – 1TB external drive if I ever get to that point of requiring a mass back-up.

  2. i saw a documentary about DriveSavers, something like 0.0001% chance of them being unable to retrieve the data, which is an amazing figure

  3. moocherx: I just have too much for my own good!

    extinct: Thats freaking great! Thanks! I needed to know that! That just gives me more hope!

  4. There are some simple ways to try to revover a failed HD, one of them is to take it out, shake it for a while (not to much) then put it back

    the other way, which worked for me before, is to put the HD in the freezer for 1 to 2 minutes, then quickly put it back in PC

    In all those methods, you have to copy your data ASAP

    by the way, 4 years is a very LONG time for a Hd to stay in shape, next time put a sticky pad on you PC to remind you to replace your HD quickly :)

    one more thing, never put all your eags on one basket

    good luck, you need it

  5. Lamia’a: I was told not to shake it! hahaha! But since its a mechanical failure these tips wouldnt help out too much in my case, but maybe in other people’s case. I didnt put all my eggs in one place, but your right I should moved it earlier, and I was but I didnt have a chance.

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