Optimus Designs


This is a young up and coming architecture firm with three young Kuwaitis. They do architecture, interior design, landscaping, designing furiniture, and a few other things. They are a dynamic group of young Kuwaitis and they have a furniture exhibition taking place this week.
Furniture Exhibition

From September 16 for 5 days.
9:00am to 1:00pm, and 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Block 1
Bader Street
House 11

I already went on Saturday September 16th, and I really recommend that you go to the exhibition, they have some cool lighting fixtures. And some really funky furniture which is all made in Kuwait which is reasonably priced. I cant recommend people enough to go to this. Its really great that these young people are doing this and supporting young Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs is a great thing. They can also custom make the furniture to your liking, an you can buy any of the furniture on display. Its really great, and its open late so you can go at your liesure.

Link: Optimus Designs

Link: Optimus Exhbition Details

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  1. there is only one optimus and his name is optimus prime !

  2. N

    i’ve been there on saturday too.. oo i must say they have good talents.. oo nice designs.. oo we should support them.. as what there doing is a great thing. ;)

  3. forzaq8: hahahha! I knew somebody would say it!

    N: I completely agree, it was really nice!

  4. i really do want to go :(

    if i was in q8 i would have gone

  5. S

    Thanks for letting us know..
    Im redesigning my room and i want cool new furniture. I’ll be checking it out soon..

  6. s: anytime, its really cool! Wednesday is the last day!

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