Laptop Choices

My laptop is still in operational condition and chugging along. But I will probably buy a laptop sometime in the near future. It will probably be decided in the next week.


I’m just waiting for any anouncements from Apple that might be coming out on september 25th based on saying they will anounce the Core 2 Dou to be sold in the MacBook. I would snatch it up right away, because I really want to try an Apple and I think that would be perfect for my usage. Of course I would get the black MacBook since I think its really cool!

And if they dont anounce that then Im not waiting until January for another anounce from Apple, rather I would be going with an Alienware m3450 Core 2 Dou, because I love their laptops and my laptop has been great the past two years from extreme usage. And I havent had any problems with their equipment and they have good service. I will ordered it with really good specs and I love their screens and I think 14.1 is the perfect size. I prefer laptops that are portable and light. I love the alien eyes on the back!

So I just have to wait a little while longer! And Im taking this week to backup everything to the Infrant! So I wont loose anymore data! I will be posting about the Infrant a little later, but I havent even had the time to unbox it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. But it is said that if not next week then sometime in October since there is an event coming up then, and Apple wants to release C2D before Thanksgiving so if you could wait a tiny bit longer then go ahead.

  2. moocherx

    Dell XPS ;-)

  3. chr0nik

    Alienware Aurora m9700 :D

  4. Jacqui: Its always u who is delaying me! Damn it!

    moocherx: Hell NO!

    chr0nik: looool! Thats too big, but powerful as hell with hefty price tag!

  5. What can I say? I follow these things daily now in order to figure out when a new one is going to be out but all signs are pointing towards Monday :/

  6. moocherx

    when your mac switches off automatically M, i might just let you look over my shoulder on the XPS

  7. Jacqui: Yeah I think the big anouncement is for the event taking place on Monday and if its not going to happen at that point, then its never going to happen!

    moocherx: looooooool!!! I will stick to the alienware thank you very much!

  8. There is another event in mid-October, the “One More Thing” event ;r

  9. Jacqui: Im tired of all there god damn events! Let them stop beind so god damn secretive and sell their stuff already! hehehe

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