Ride to Work


Today is a casual day for us and I decided to take my bike to work. And usually it take 30-40 mins to get to work depending on traffic. But this morning it took me a total of 10 mins and thats when I was cruising on my way here. I had my jacket, helmet, and gloves, and so the gaurd to the entrance didnt know me, but I still went under the barrier and rode in. It was funny that he came out and wanted to chase me. When I parked and took off my helmet he started laughing. Now he will remember that I come on the bike. Its the first time I come to work on the bike since it isnt scorching hot anymore. It was still a pretty funny site, and half the road was empty on my way here. But today they decided to do some road work so it was all gravel towards the end of my little excursion, so I was taking it easy.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the roads were amazing today! cruising to work :D

  2. moocherx

    where’s everyone gone? i was the only person at my gym even until midday

  3. Fonzy: Shuweikh roads arent that nice, but damn I love riding!

    moocherx: I go during the evening, basically from 5pm until 8pm. Anytime in between that time I would be at the gym. Sometimes I see a lot of people, and sometimes nothing! Its strange I couldnt figure out their migration times! hehehe!

  4. Laialy: looool! yeah.. its a new bunch! I ran out of the other ones!

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