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I have a few requirements when picking an MP3 player, and they pretty simple requirements.

1) That the mp3 player appears as a hard drive and I can drag and drop files into it.
2) I dont need any software to communicate with the mp3 player.

So that pretty much knocks out all of Apple’s MP3 products! I really dont like being forced to use any type of software! It makes me feel annoyed with it! But no mp3 players operated as well as the Apple’s and had large memory, well except now.

This is an amazing looking mp3 player with a nice design that appears as an HD and has 8 GB of memory! With 20 hours of play back. And the price is pretty reasonable $250.00 for this much memory and a sleek player.

Link: Engadget
Link: SanDisk

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  1. moocherx

    I liked the look of this product too. And as it’s made by the biggest flash memory “manufacturers” in the world it’s probably the next best thing after the iPod.
    What I’m a little disappointed about, when I checked prices of this against the new 8GB nano is that they were identical. I think $249 for each (unless I was mis-reading the Apple website).
    Mark it down $50 less than iPod and it would win easily.
    But I quite like iTunes now though… it helps me find songs in my immense music collection real easily.

  2. For 250$ you can get the new black 8GB ipod nano.
    Yes you have to use iTunes but the thing is you WANT to use iTunes. What software do you currently use to arrange music on your computer? It would be really difficult to find a better software manager.

    Also iTunes software isn’t like the SONY one it forces you to install. The iTunes software is just a music management software and a way to communicate with the iPod. It doesn’t reformat your songs or anything evil like that.

  3. moocherx: I think it will drop in price by about $30 when it comes out soon since on amazon everything drops in price except for apple! Im not that happy with iTunes!

    Mark: I saw the new Nano, but still Im a bit reluctant. I understand that its a music management, but it takes over playing everything. And it has to load up to play an mp3 player. I really dont like it at all. I just organize my stuff by myself and got used to that. I dont like how iTunes takes over everything and when you uninstall it there is still a lot left on your computer! Its annoying! hehe

  4. what do you use to listen to mp3s at the momentm winamp?

  5. If you don’t want iTunes to “take over”, just set the mp3 file extensions to winamp. I heard there’s also an iPod plugin for winamp, but I’m not sure if it would work with the recent iPod firmware.

    Another thing you can do is set your iPod to Manual management instead of Auto so that you have to do all the file dragging yourself.

    Finally, you can set iTunes not to mess with your folder structure and not copy files to its library. That way it’s almost like drag-n-drop in a file browser.

  6. Geeky

    I think they sell this on FCC “NOkia Shops in Kuwait” check it out there !

  7. 3baid: well at least its configurable, and I know you can set it so that it doesnt mess around with your system, but still Im very skeptical! hehehe! Paranoia maybe! But still if I can do without it then I will!

    Geeky: really? FCC has this? Its not even out if Im not mistaken! interesting I will check it out at a later point!

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