Review: The Illusionist


Im a big fan of Edward Norton, and all his movies. He has this amazing ability to take the character and turn him into something real life, to live the character. Jessica Beal is also in this movie, but she doesnt have a central role in it. I just felt that she isnt the one who added to the movie. It was a huge amount on Norton’s shoulders and the part that the inspector plays. And 000000 plays the prince’s role perfectly since he is perfect as the evil character. This story is just piece after piece of clues which come together at the end. I really recommend this movie for anyone who is a fan of Edward Norton Jr.

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  1. I think Ed Norton is one of the most capable actors in Hollywood today and Im surprised he doesnt have as much status as some of the other boys. Seriously I think he’s way up there, almost De Neiro or Pacino level. When are they bringing this movie to Kuwait, 2009?

  2. i cant wait til “The Prestige” hits theatres.. its getting some seriously heavy media coverage.

    oh oh oh and “The Black Dahlia”. Cant miss that one!!

    (as you can see, im a hardcore scarlett johansson stalker hehehhehehheh :”> )

    My fave Norton movie was American History X. Definitely a classic.
    I couldn’t stand watching Fight Club though. Too film noir for me. I’ve never ever been able to watch it all the way through LOL

  3. I like Norton 2, looking forward to watch this movie. Nice blog by the way.

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    off topic:

    Marzouq i don’t know if it just happen to me but some area of your site the font appear too big so it’s messed up the page

    btw i’m using explorer

  5. 1001: I have no clue when they are bringing this movie to Kuwait, but its really good! I agree with you totally he is one of the best actors out there right now! I think he doesnt have a status because he prefers it that way since he seems to be very low key! Like I loved 25th hour, American History X, and Fight Club!

    extinct-dodo: loool! hehehe! I like alot of movies that he is in! Im not that much of a fan of Scarlet Johanson.. I dont know there is something I dont like about her!

    Loura: Thanks!

    unknown: Its just that craigslist ad that I copied, other then that everything is normal! :)

  6. OMG! I made a review for this movie like two weeks ago and I loved it. One of the best movies I have seen this year so far.

    I gave it a B+ :)

  7. Fallen Angel: I agree its a really good movie, Edward Norton is just perfect for it. And the plot played out amazingly at the end!

  8. dia

    Damn I missed That .. when the movie Hitted The theater I really wanted to Watch It I’m a Super huge Fan of Edward He’s the Best of the Best ..I agree with you 1000% he turns movies into a masterpiece

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