External HD Prices

I was in Hawally the other day picking up some stuff and I noticed that they had a new batch of External HDs, so I thought I would post up the prices.


Seagate External Hard Drive
120 GB = 65 KD
160 GB = 95 KD


Western Digital External Hard Drive
80 GB = 42 KD


Maxtor External Hard Drive
1 TB = 230 KD

Professional Computer: 2611661

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I like the external hard disks where you don’t need a seperate power adapter just a USB cable. I bought a 80 GB hard disk external for 45KD last year, prices for the 80 GB hard disk have not dropped much, the one I bought was a noname generic disk, maybe we are paying for the WD brand name.

  2. niceeeeeeeeee

    I acually need one because my friend sent me one from Canada and it broken in the kuwaiti mail!!

  3. Don Veto, it depends on the speed and brand of the drive. Toshiba drives for example are cheap while Seagate and WD are more expensive but also more reliable. Also you can find 4300rpm drives for cheap while the 5200rpm drives are more expensive..

  4. Don Veto: the WD, and Seagate do not require an external power source. All you need is to plug it in to the USB and your good to go. I have the Seagate and its extremely durable, and WD looks extremely durable and has a solid build. The 1TB is a stationary type external HD for back up.

    wilted-roze: I recommend both the WD and Seagate, I have a Seagate and love it.

    Mark: As Mark said, the faster speed will be more expensive and their drives are more reliable.

  5. 230kd for a Tb! .. I would rather get a couple 500gb drives, raid them and put them on a pc for that price.

  6. 3baid: Nope I didnt see that!

    K: hahaha! Yeah I know what you mean.. but 500 GB HDs arent cheap, and then you have to buy the case, the mother board, chip, and setup the system for it work on.

  7. forzaq8: THATS WHAT I JUST GOT! LOOOL! I will posting the opening of it! hehehe! Which one did you get? I got the 1.6 TB!

  8. moocherx

    120GB Toshiba “passport sized” (i.e. TINY) external HDD, 5400, mini-usb connected/powered – 44KD in Software Island, Hawalli.

  9. I just got Toshiba 100GB (No power cord) for KD32. Glad to see the 1TB dropping in price cuz I’ve been thinking of getting my hands on one. The last one I saw was LaCie’s and I think it reached the market for a little over KD300+.

  10. chr0nik

    Marzouq, where in Hawally can i get one of those seagate external HDs? i got a toshiba 80GB but am lookn for a more durable HD like the seagate.

  11. chr0nik: Walla’a complex professional computer! The phone number is listed above!

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