MTC Problems


Is it just me or is MTC having some problems. Since a few days before Ramadan I was having problems. I thought they were going to disconnect me again for 1 or 2 KD! I thought they disconnect for anything and thats annoying! So I called them and they told me they are having problems with their 3G and switch my phone back to GSM. And to switch it back in a couple of days. I did that but still there are problems. Like my SMS messages arent going through. And thats in Mishref, Miseela, Bida’a, Rumaitheya, Sabah Al Salem, Bayan Area. Those are the area which I have been affected in.

Anyone else running into these problems.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moi

    few days back they sent new configeration for MMS and GPRS they changed their access point name and other things.. maybe check

  2. i ditto no3ik

    and off-topic.. i just saw your picture on your flickr album and i have to say, you got the cutest smile hehheheh!!

  3. ah that explains it. I have been having issues with my phone to like yesterday it said Emergency calls only when nats phone allowed calls. Then the other day i was trying to call someone and I kept getting call failed, when nat tried it worked.

    We both are MTC.

    BTW, you got 3G? We could video chat! :)

  4. ok i was thinking of switching to MTC from Wataniya, now im sticking with wataniya

  5. moi: thank you. I need to get that as well! They keep changing every damn day.

    no3ik: too many people know my number!

    extinct-dodo: I cant change my number! And thank you for the offtopic comment! hehehe

    Mark: I tried video chatting its the funniest thing in the world! It feels a bit wierd! hehehe

    Moey: hmm so there is no espacing the problem!

    Fonzy: hahaha! dude there is problems everywhere!

  6. well u can always divert ur calls :)

  7. MTC sucks! I’m off to complain about their Wireless net at head office in the next day or so.

    Stick with rhe Red Carpet team. Wataniya are doing a good job for me.

  8. no3ik: looool! But then there are text msgs! hehehe!

    Toxy: I wish it was that simple, the thing that pisses me off is that MTC doesnt know there loyal customers from their bad customers!

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