Aprillia RSV-R



An amazing looking V-Twin from Aprillia. It looked great last year with a bit lacking at the engine. But now this years model has been retuned and improved. It has a lot of torque and feels great. The machine looks great with the right Italian twist to it. It has the agility to ride amazingly and comfortable to ride around town and on the track. It shows its true colors on the track, but then it is still good for around the town. I would love to get my hands on this bike since Im assuming the bike is between 4000 – 5500 KD. Its got one hell of a spunky engine! Just looks hot!

Link: Aprillia

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  1. SOS

    Beauty!! this is the stuff dreams are made of man!!…i really wish i could own one.

  2. SOS: same here! Its really amazing, but its by special order! So its hard to come by!

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