Traffic Everywhere


This is just rediculous! It took 45 mins for me to get from Shamiya to Mishref because of the damn traffic! At 11:00pm! I just finished up with a family event and Im tired from this day, and a long day at work. So my feet were feeling all tingly! I know I needed a break!

It was bumper to bumper traffic and I left at 10:50pm and got home at 11:30pm. I went after prayer to one of the phone shops looking for a headset that I love the Jabra BT 500, I remember seeing it a couple of weeks ago. And then I went from shop to shop, every telephone shop in Khalid Bin Waleed Street, and I couldnt find it. I drive a manual so I need a head piece! The funny part is that since I have been hitting the curb so much the past couple of weeks to find parking, my car pull right and I know it needs an alignment but I have been too lazy. No parking and no time has led to this!

On my way back home I was so tired I was too lazy to take off everytime! I had to shift to first take my foot of the clutch and slowly let out. I know I was driving the guy behind me nuts, but traffic wasnt going anywhere! I dont think I passed 40 kph, and he seemed to be getting restless behind me! I was even slouched in my car, and when I was slowly getting closer I was smiling, thinking that I that much closer to hitting the sac. Im just happy that I can sleep in a bit tommorow. I know I will probably ride tommorow as soon I get up!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. W

    r u a nikon guy?

  2. SOS

    BT 500 eh! is the same one with a small screen that displays the incoming call numbers?

  3. Eddy

    yeah, during these days traffic is just terrible, yesterday it took me fucking 2 hours to get from scientific center to ruby tuesday

  4. Eddy

    yeah, during these days traffic is just terrible, yesterday it took me fucking 2 hours to get from scientific center to ruby tuesday, cant wait until they invent flying cars :)

  5. yeah i agree …. traffic is hell in ramadan !

    great blog ….keep it up :)

  6. W: nope Im a canon guy

    SOS: no thats the BT 800, Im pretty simple, I just want something simple. I got a quick review of the BT 500 coming up.

    Eddy: I wish they had flying cars like back to the future, but then there would be a lot of crash landings! hahaha

    bosale7: taffic is hell! thanks!

  7. This has been an on going problem with traffic… but it’s worse in Ramadan! I don’t know if there’s a solution for that. but I tend to stay at home during this holly month and avoid swearing.. because if I drive one more time next to a bus, taxi or an indian driver I might just lose it!

    Nice blog btw :)

  8. 3abeer: I know what you mean driving does bring out the demon inside of you! Happy you enjoy the blog! :)

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