49ers Wiped Out

Yesterday was probably the worst shutout I have ever seen by the Kansas City Chiefs. It really hurt to watch the 49ers play. They had a few players on the injured list, but this was just pure annialation. Im still for the 49ers, and I hope they turn around are able to have a better game, but this time it was just painful. Getting picked, and getting a touch down, a punt return for a touch down. I just dont know what they were doing out there, but the team was in disarray.


I was able to go through play by play of the San Diego Chargers game, and I was hoping they would win, but Baltimore came back in the last two minutes to steal the win from the Chargers. Chargers were playing really hard, and I really like the team. I wish they could have win.

Link: ESPN

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  1. kaaaaaaak
    panthers 2-2 :P

    shut out mara wa7da!

  2. Even my Seahawks got decimated yetserday. They didn’t have their running game without Alexander. Shows you how a good running game can change the feel of the team.

    I haven’t been keeping up this year, so dont have any favorites yet except the Seahawks.

  3. Yazeed: Yes it was a shut out, it was horrible to watch. It hurt to watch!

    nibaq: Yeah, we lost our best receiver and one of our tackles was out too, our injury list is growing. Alexander is all the running game for the Seahawks, but you guys also have Julian Peterson from the 49ers, I loved that guy! He was great!

  4. Purgatory

    SF is a good team, they just do not score.

  5. Purgatory: I just dont know what to say to that! hehehe

  6. shhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooot they should be paraded naked through bay area…LOL

  7. Cyber: hahaha there would be a lot of people who would be happy about that! hehehe

  8. akh ya galby. the only thing that makes that a bit easier to bare is that the hit came from KC.. seeing as how Montana is ex-KC, i can at least take that hit with pride.

    the 49ers have been down for a while.. but they will be back!!

    drew brees meta terak el chargers!? he’s with the saints now?! :O

  9. 41-0? Daym that’s embarrassing…the 49ers seriously slumped this time. Bears all the way…

  10. Seriously…you are into American football (or is that baseball LOL)?

    I only attend the college football matches at my University…and that’s because my American friends invite me there. It’s fun though…has its own atmosphere like no other :)

  11. MSB: yeah drew brees left, I think last year! The niners will pickup its just a matter of time!

    Sam: Screw the bears! hehehe!

    Fallen Angel: American Football! hehehe! yeah the atmosphere is pretty crazy!

  12. Holy shit! i finally found other american football fans in kuwait!! fuck! how come it took this long to come up?!?!

    TOM BRADY!!!

    … Boston raised =0)

  13. Fuzz: there are lots of fans, they just aint blogging

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