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These are very good roads tires meant to handle all types of roads, and they have really good water dispersion. This is the list of the 99% road riding.

Michelin Pilot Power.jpg

  • Bridgestone BT-014
  • Pirelli Diablo
  • Michelin Pilot Power
  • Dunlop Qualifier

Sport Road

These tires are extremely good road tires, but leaning towards good track usage as well. These are really good in the rain and higher end of tires.


  • PIrelli Diablo Corsa III
  • Pirelli Supercorsa Pro Street
  • Bridgestone BT-002 Racing Street
  • Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
  • Metzeler Sportec M3


These tires are meant to be used on a track, and handle track usage. They need tire warmers, and some of them dont have good water dispersion. They need to be warmed up, so on the road they would remain pretty hard and wouldnt have good grip on the road because it takes so long for them to warm up. They are the perfect attackers for the track.


  • Pirelli Supercorsa Pro SC
  • Metzeler Racetec
  • Bridgestone BT-002 Pro
  • Michelin Pilot Race
  • Dunlop 209GP

The ones in bold are the ones I have been using on the bikes I have ridden and I couldnt recommend them enough. I have ridden some of these tires in the rain and hard on the moutain roads. My trust has grown greatly in these tires, and I probably wont reach their limits since they are very good.

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  1. i saw slick tires at zed motors yesterday. i am guessing those cant be used on the road..

  2. Mark: no slicks cant be used on the road, that would be really bad since the road should be clear of any debris and in perfect condition, which in Kuwait isnt the case!

  3. Eddy

    u could start ur own tv show on ktv with all this bike junk….could be called “marzouk’s middle eastern motorcycle madness” or something like that

  4. Eddy: This bike junk helps put all info on one place! hehehe! So the title of the show would be M.M.E.M.M. hehehe! Gotta love the bike junk!

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