Red Bull


This is one thing that I dont get! Red Bull tastes like cough syrup to me, and I just tasted it never really drank one. But there are some people who are extremely addicted to it. I dont just mean one or two a day I mean three or four in the morning to get them going. I have seen people who cant sleep after drinking two of them and they say they feel their hear pumping like crazy. I dont think its a good thing, I think it really is worse then coffee because it could get your heart racing like no other. And if someone drops dead from drinking too much Red Bull they say that there is no medical proof that it was red bull that did it. The guy was fine before but his heart pumped so much that it broke. I like the RedBull bike thats about it!
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  1. i don’t do red bull i do pepsi :p

    BTW why is it called red bull when it comes in a blue can?

  2. Laialy: I dont do pepsi, i do coke! hehehe! not that much anyways! But I dont know why the can is blue and its called red bull! I could never figure it out!

  3. I guess it is an acquired taste like caviar & champagne.
    I think the only reason these “energy” drinks are popular in Kuwait is because there is no alcoholic alternative available :)

  4. cajie: very true.. but they have a rediculous affect! hehehehe! People bouncing off the walls!

  5. im a red bull addict. i usually drink 3-4 a day. but since its ramadan i cant have my morining dose so am sleepy throughout the day. On top of that, i also need my coffee:) but i do agree with u, red bull is bad for u but i need it to keep going!

  6. Fonzy: if you just get yourself used to cutting back on it, then I think you will be fine! hehehe

  7. This is fonzy’s bike for sure since he’s a bull…oops he’s addicted to red bull!!!

  8. G5001

    Nice bike, but rizla papers are not my favourite

  9. G5001: this isnt my bike, its the rizla sponsored ducti bike!

  10. Jenna

    I think redbull is harmful. I’ve always “heard” that it can make your heart beat rapidly. Tonight I actually saw someone experience that. I work at a hospital and a young guy came into the ER. He has drank 5 cans of redbull, went into cardiac arrest, and almost died. The highest I saw his heart rate was 209 bpm, and that was AFTER he had been given an IV. Regular heart rate is about 60-110bpm. 5 cans of redbull? INSANE!

  11. Jenna: Damn! That really is insane and 209 bpms! He is lucky to be alive, these energy drinks do have a bad effect when used excessively!

  12. I have Red Bulls every morning and find them just great because here in Halifax its cold and they make me feel more efficent before work. I truely appreciate them and may niot be a good buyer but i know my son and daugter love them! The effects are strong and effective and are an allternative to alcoholic beverages.

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