Marks Day

Well as it has been mentioned in Mark‘s post he didnt have the best of days. He crashed today, but it wasnt that bad. He got a bit banged up but he was in one piece and the gear did its job to a good degree. I know Mark now wants more gear, and I cant blame him. Im also extremely impressed with Tristar they knew about the accident when I called. It seemed somebody told them, and we told them where the bike was parked and we let them take care of that. The bike had very light damage, a broken peg and the tank was scratched but over all its in good shape. I wanted to make sure Mark was ok, and Im happy that he could still move fine. We got him to the hospital after stopping at home and I could tell he was feeling the pain and he wasnt saying anything. I have in his shoes before so I know how he feels, and you want to get back on the bike. This only goes to make him a better rider, I wished that it didnt happen, but at least it happened in an open area and very few cars.

I will be waiting for you to get back on the bike, other then that I will be getting you a lot of biking videos! hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Eddy

    super marzouk to the rescue!!!

  2. I;m sorry to hear that.
    Get well soon mark.

    kha6akom al soo.

  3. Laialy: yeah it wasnt the best day, bes 7amdilla he is okay!

    Eddy: Aint nothing super about a good friend!

    judy Abbott: Mashkoora!

    ananyah: only when needed!

  4. Salamto Mark…Marzouq great job! I know between friends it’s a duty…take care buddy!

  5. Sorry about your freind buddy :( Ma yshoof shar inshalla. This ought to tell you oughta be ultra careful yourself with all the riding you do.

  6. MAZE: Im happy he was ok, thats all that matters

    ZinZin: Im pretty careful. I hope that his wounds heal soon.

  7. he is made of steel. Robo Ryder Marzouq saves yet another helpless rider and continues to seek more injustice in the biker world and ensure bikers’ safety all over:P Salamat man and good thing u were with him!

  8. Fonzy: hamdilla he is ok, a few bumps isnt that bad compared to how bad it could have been.

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