Im just having one of those days! Battery slowly running out! I know Im feeling it, but after yesterday Im happy that Im having futoor at home. That means I could relax and get some sleep after work. Yesterday I was home for a total of one hour, and by the end of the night I reached my limit and just passed out. I woke up for work feeling tired as hell, I was even feeling tired after the shower! Im just happy traffic was flowing without any problems! And I know this week is filled with Qabgaat and I got to go to all of them! Its nice seeing family a lot and seeing friends, but Im going to pass out soon. The food is good though! hehehe And I still like daqoos!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. drink red bull after iftar :P I do that everyday otherwise no way can i go on

  2. Dont tell me about ramadan i sleep at 5 nearly everyday…

  3. allah e3enik
    ill tell u my ramadan routin but please done hate me:
    i wakeup before fo6or, i eat, sometimes i do…
    then i go out all night to more than just one qabga or one place.
    come back from 1-2 am
    then watch tv till 4 am
    then get online, till 6am
    i go back to sleep 7-8 am

    and thats it! its called ramadan + jobless ;)
    i dont know if i should be laughing or crying hehehehe
    but like u said im deffinetly enjoying the company and food …

    marzouq ya36eeeeeeeeek 1000 3afya inshalah.

  4. Man, i’v been feeling that way since ramdan started, is it just me or are working days still the same?? in fact i think there is less sleeping time right now!

  5. Aham shay… i just saw one of ur entries… its ur house… i no u man !! :r

  6. this has nothing to do with ur post but i had to tell someone who’d understand my excitement. i just accidentally discovered that bahrain cable airs the AFN (armed forces network) and guess what’s on right now? BEARS vs BILLS! I WANT TO BE THERE! :/

  7. Fonzy: you and your redbull! loool!

    Maze: I cant do that I wake up to damn early!

    no3ik: looool! I still do too much even if I didnt have a job! You have to wake up during the day to feel at least hungry! hehehe! Yala you will miss these days when you work too! hehehe

    Ay Kay: Yeah the days are the same, if not more during Ramadan! More Work, just less works hours officially! And lots of people know me! lol

  8. MSB: I know how you feel, I will be watching some of the games on Orbit ESPN!! Cant wait! Going early to the Qabah and coming back!

  9. Woah salamt. I wonder what would happen to you if had alcohol and had a hangover (I’m assuming you don’t drink, but I might be wrong :p).

  10. ya36eek il 3afya dude.. cést la vie my friend, get used to the hard work, less sleep, coz life’s a bitch man.. :)

  11. Fallen: I wouldnt even know! Thats just something I wouldnt bother with period!

    Dr.Lost: alah e3aafeek, Im used to the work the scheduele but your right life’s a bitch sometimes! hehehe! You just got to enjoy what you can! hehehe

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