Kuwait Segway


The other day I went to the Equipment Company (thats the name) behind BMW in Shuweikh. I had a few things I needed to take care of over there. So next to the heavy duty equipment, lifts, forks, and lamborgini tractor I see a Segway sitting in a corner. Then it turned out they are the ones selling the Segway in Kuwait.

Segway Price: 1350 KD

I was told by the sales guy that they sold a lot to advertising agencies and people taking them to the beach house. They seem to be very entertaining but to my luck this one was out of battery or else I would have tried it. And they are going to bring the new Segway models soon. I think there is an off-road model coming out!

Link: Segway

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  1. geo

    i saw like 4 of them advertising al rai shows in marina cresent one evening and they used to have one in virgin too

  2. They are pretty fun and really easy to use. I see one guy a lot in Shuwaik who uses it to do his diwaniya rounds in it.

    ACtually they would be great to rent out for diwaniya rounds during the first week of Ramadan.

  3. One of the guys brought on to the Diwaniya .. its quite fun to use but not worth the price. The offroad model is released, looks like a beefy version of the normal one.

  4. geo: I saw the one in Virgin

    nibaq:hahaha Diwaniya rounds! now thats lazy!

    K: they seemed to have made it sturdier for off-road! The thing is that its selling, I dont see it as its worth it, but others might see the entertainment value in it. As a marketing gimick I can understand!

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