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I couldnt have said it any better then it has been said in the article from Hilaliya about the Soccer game between Kuwait and Brazil. I havent seen that many people happy all at once since the 25th and 26th of February in Kuwait in the early 90s. Where every seemed to be so happy, and Kuwait was simple and people were kind. I recommend just reading the article. That night there was a good feeling in Kuwait, people were happy.

Link: Hilaliya

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  1. man…yeah Amer wrote it really well…I posted a link to the article yesterday on my blog…

  2. Cyber: hahahaha! thanks I just fixed it! I was over at Hilaliya messing around when I saw it! It was pretty good!

  3. That was a spectacular article by Amer, but what do you think about the Al-Qabas article today where it mentioned how Brazilians are upset regarding the fact that their team played a club team and not the national team?

  4. Stallion: I think that the players dont care since they won anyways, and they made money, so I dont think Brazil really cares that much about Kuwait.

  5. Thanks a lot Marz for the kind link and thanks guys.

    Stallion is right – check out this article:

    Reuters Article

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