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Those saying that work during Ramadan arent really working! Work is supposed to be from 10 am until 3pm, and I know its shorter then some companies but that isnt really the case. I came into to work this morning around 9 am knowing I have a lot to do, and I didnt leave work today until 5:08 pm and getting to the front door of my house at exactly 5:26pm at the same time I could hear the call for prayer. Im just relaxing a bit before I have to be back at work around 8:30pm. Its one hell of a day!

Its like my battery ran out, and Im still getting energy from some where, where I dont know. I suddenly got another surge of energy around 4:30pm just going nuts! Some people stayed and some people left. I want to rest, but I know I cant! Its just one of those days! hehehe! At least when I was driving back there was no traffic what so ever! And in the morning you have to get up rediculously early to get to work on time or at time you want! Thats not including being obligated to go to the qabgahs(late dinner) every night of this week. Its been insane, Im lacking sleeping and at some meetings I felt my head was all fuzzy even though I was typing notes of what I wanted to do! What a day! This Friday some rest shall be needed, but I do want to go riding, but not tonight Im just too drained!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It was supposed to be relaxing during ramadan but i’m not sleeping early…everyday till 5..moreover we have a night shift from 8 to 10..which is killing…u can’t do anything after coming home…and i dont like staying at home!!!

  2. Purgatory

    You do not have to go to all ghabga’s, then you can find time to do otherthings

  3. Maze: hehehe! I love staying home! Thats what Im missing this Ramadan!

    Purgatory: your right to a certain degree, but this is the only week for ghabgas left, and I have ditched a lot and Im only going to the ones that I need to. Its an obligation, you cant really ditch!

  4. It’s the same here, working from 10 to 4 pm, taking some work with me (those that it has to be done) sleeping 5 hours a day, no time to have fun unless its a weekend!! ans I miss staying at home and relaxing too…

    God bless you..

  5. Deem: God bless you too! I know how you feel! But somethings just have to be done! But once your done with it, it feels damn good! And thats what Im waiting for! I just wish weekends were two days instead of a day and a half! Only one day to sleep in kills!

  6. Eddy

    looks like ur battery is always running out…maybe u should get a new one… :)

    take some advice from robo..ask him how he does it..going at 200km/h isnt an easy job..

  7. Eddy: 108 octane, and 167 horsepower keeps that puppy going! Me on the other maybe I got .1% of a horse if lucky! Man its just all the work!

  8. I sooooooo dont feel like working during Ramadan. I go to work feeling like a zombie and just wanting to be left alone to stare emptily into space ! Bass the work load hasnt gotten much less as I was hoping :(

  9. ZinZin: I know what you mean. It hasnt gotten less in my work. Its gotten more really! Its gotten pretty crazy! hehehe! I cant wait until Friday! Time to rest!

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