I just got back home at 11:30pm, and I have to be at work tommorow at 8:30am to check on things. So I thought I would reward myself and really didnt care about calories or what I should or shouldnt eat. So I went to my stash in the freezer and found my KDD ice cream, and it never looked so could. But after eating it I felt damn good. But work is going to be a bitch tommorow.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHH Bard Thahab!! My favorite treat! Enjoy ;)

  2. geo

    i’m sorry to disappoint u .. but this is not KDD’s Thahab, it’s actually KDC Thahabi .. i can’t believe u missed that .. gassaw 3alaaik affa :P

  3. aaah its the little things in life isnt it…

  4. If your works is a bitch then my Calculus class is a pimp (ok, that was lame).

    Suddenly, I’m having a craving for “Silver” not “Gold”…

  5. Jashanmal

    baih qadeem bo thahab..It doesnt taste as good as it used to…try the haagen daz almond and vanilla bar, once you do you’ll ditch kdd once and for all!

  6. lol you got coned! KDC sucks.

  7. one of my favorite ice creams. for some reason, i keep wanting those cones and cant seem to get bored of them:)

  8. ya khtee 3al a9abe3 el katkootah ;)..loool

  9. Cuteberry: Thank you!

    geo: I didnt care at that point! I was just enjoying it!

    Laialy: Nice!

    ZinZin: Soo true!

    Fallen: hehehe! Im always going for gold! hehehe

    Jashanmal: Im not much for Haagen Daz, and I know its not as good, but damn I felt like it!

    Mark: Damn it all! Why is everyone hating on my ice cream.

    Fonzy: I know EXACTLY how you! I dont get enough period!

  10. Smartee: hahaha, I just holding it to show the name!

  11. chica bonite: Sorry it was just what I felt like at the time!

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