Need Time


After this long week I just wanted some time to enjoy myself. Friday is my day to relax with my friends even though I have work thursday. And this thursday is probably the busiest, but I didnt care I just wanted to clear my mind of everything work related or required for me to think. I wanted to just chill and enjoy myself. I got my hands on some Krispy Kreme, I not sure how exactly but I saw it at home when I got back from futoor and decided to take it. And when my friends saw it, people complained that it has too much calories but they still kept eating. It was a good time to start off. I wish others could have made it, but they had their own reasons for not making it, hopefully next time.


Me and my friend started off by playing some Halo 2 while waiting for the others to arrive. And he wanted to challenge me and I told him he is out of his mind. Im pretty good at Halo I know there are those who are better out there, but I have yet to meet one in Kuwait. Only time will tell, but after winning 25-1 we decided to play a Co-op game which turned out to be more fun.

Then when more people showed up we watch two pretty good movies and got some kubah, samboosak, mini-pizzas, mini-za’atar sandwichs, mini-cheese sandwichs, and labnah all over the place. It was pretty light and we were all just laughing at some of the parts in the movie. People coming and people going, but we managed to finish two movies and it was a relaxing night, even though I know I have to be up at 7 am I dont care. I enjoyed the night and its 1:30am. Aaah Goodtimes! Ramadan Mubarak people! Smile today is a good day!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ok i wrote more but ur blog just cut off 90% of my comment! :/

    what i said was that the smile up there is me listening to u.. but i’ll be back incase u turn out to be wrong about it being a good day!! ;)

  2. MSB: sorry! hehehee! After the week I have been having Im still smiling like an idiot! hehehe!

    Laialy: surprisingly yeah.. they are really good!

  3. Krispy Kreme!!! U have it in kuwait!! I envy u

    I love it..but I only eat it when I go to London..or someone else goes there..looool..bcuz we don’t have it here..

  4. Where is it sold? shawagtni! You know what else they need to bring? Cold Stone! Yumsss

  5. Smartee: Some people used to do that too in Kuwait, whenever they would go to London people would ask them to bring Krispy Kreme with them.

    ZinZin: ooohhh Cold Stone! I know they really need to bring it! Didnt buy the Krispy Kreme, I found it at home and I stole it! hehehe

  6. I’m eager to try Krispy creme…i luv donuts…it’s good to be surrounded by friends always….have a nice day buddy!

  7. MAZE: It was a good day! And I hope you had a good time at Fonzy’s B-Day.. Krispy Kreme tasted damn good!

  8. Loca in Kuwait


    Theres a Krispy Kreme in Kuwait? Cold Stone=Yummy!

  9. Loca: yeah Krispy Kream is opening up in Kuwait by Eid.

  10. Tuna

    how many dounghts is enougt when u have KK?

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