What a Day


Today has been a very long day! As I mentioned before I knew I had to get up in the morning. I was at work around 8 am this morning thinking that I would come in early to fiinish up read a lot of paper work, and making sure things would get done and get an early start. Well thats what I was hoping for, but thats nothing close to what happened. Sometimes the best of plans just go out the window!

After a meeting that didnt go so great at 10am got done at 11am I had a billion things to do. And I think I was literally in the middle of a shitstorm! Its hard to get things done when no information is being conveyed to you! So I was going nuts, and I had a short fuse today, but I made sure to thank everyone who was doing what they were doing and more, because a lot of people werent coming through on their parts. I was going nuts. I was loosing it! It has been a long week, and I couldnt stop thinking of all the milestones, time lines, projects, emails, peoples, prices, things to do, when and where, sooooo much stuff not enough time to think! At least I would always smile to people who werent causing me any havoc, I had a co-worker who is a friend just look and say “I know” and he smiled! Then I just busted out laughing! Things were getting so crazy that I was just laughing! I was tired of being tired a couple of days ago.. now it was just operating on a different level!

I managed to leave work around 4:00pm, but the best part of it is that I have to go to work on Friday at 1pm to finish up a lot of paper work and fine tuning details required for saturday. i really have no problem with the extra work or even the late nights. I get pissed when information isnt conveyed to me, or something is missing because somebody failed to email. Emails should be utizilized more! When I left work I was just happy that I could get some rest, but then I was thinking of my MVP.

MVP stands for one thing to me Most Valuable Person, and thats my nephew. He has been sick the past couple of days, and I havent had a chance to pass by. So I went from work to his home to check on him. On the way I got a message telling me to take him back to our house. And thats what I did, I took him home with me. When he was with me in the car I was the happiest guy in the world. He always looked at me if I wasnt looking at him. So I was driving extremely protective, I would move away from hazords and idiots! But e kept making me laugh!

I like carrying him around like Im the big giant, and he would be entertained by everything I would be doing inbetween. After futoor I was playing with him for a while, but I know I need a nap, so while he is entertained Im going to take a quick nap and Im not that quick!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. touching…..whats wrong with him? I know the careful driving part….I see a big difference in my driving when someone is with me in my car…its kinda you feel you should be extra careful…

  2. Allah e3eenik with work
    i miss having little kids around :/

  3. Cyber: Im with you on being careful, but with him I drive in a way that I feel like Im the Secret Service and he is the President. I will kill anyone who comes close to him!

    Laialy: Work is getting a bit hectic, but hopefully when things get completed I will be happy!

  4. Eddy

    u were so busy yet u had time to write all this..

  5. EddyL I wrote this all one go, before passing out on te couch for two hours! hehehe

  6. Cyber: He had a case of the flu, and this is his second time. I think they dont want to give him antibiotics since its not good for children, he is slowly working it out, but it hurts so freaking much they you cant do anything to help him and you could tell that he feeling bad from his nose being clogged and other symptoms, but slowly he is getting better! I hope so, soon!

  7. climate change….I am hit now by a bad cold…my throat kills me….and cough too….bad…cant sleep also…

  8. Cyber: I know how you feel, I had that before but I kept drinking tea and herbs to bring things down a bit, but at work I just have to take it to stay fasting!

  9. Don’t remind me of today dude…it was shit for me…had 2 big arguements with clients…one of them was an asshole bigtime…i hated my life today a thou time….Just needed a rest…anyway in the evening everything changed we had a birthday celebration for Fonzzy….

    As for your nephew you remind me of my uncle’s children i like children soooo much…i miss them it’s been a year now i didnt see them….:(

  10. MAZE: Some customers are just not worth the money.. thats what i say.. i can totally understand you frustration and I hope you guys had a good time out!! I cant go long without seeing my nephew.. even a couple of days.. i miss him.. so I go! :)

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