Thursday Work


When I was driving to work thursday morning I couldnt believe how pleasent it was. The road was empty and I was enjoying my ride. Then I tought it seems nobody is going to work on thursdays. This is the second thursday where the road was extremely empty and the drive enjoyable. Then it came to my realization that nobody seems to be going to work on thursdays, every thursday the road is empty durin Ramadan. I dont mind at this point, but only one thursday left.



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yeah wait till Ramadan is over then let me hear u….:)

  2. All the more giving you the chance to enjoy the fast lane without having some Range Rover or Porsche up your rear end.

  3. MAZE: hehehe I know..

    Sam: True.. I like watching them get close and me not going anywhere since there is no where to go!

  4. that was the plan “Confues Marzouq”
    it was ment to be random :)

  5. Laialy: Mission accomplished! Damn I feel tired right now! hehehe

  6. Loca in Kuwait


    I love when your the only one on the road, it’s almost like we are in the movie Bruce Almighty.

  7. moocherx

    Oi! Keep your eye on the road and stop playing with your camera-phone!! You’ll end up worse-off in a fight with a concrete barrier.

  8. Loca: It feels great being on the empty road!

    moocherx: hahaha! Im not looking at the camera,I just take random pictures you would be suprised of the bunch that I have!

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