Infrant NV NAS


After delivery a few weeks ago I didnt have time to set it up. It wasnt a plug and play type Network Area Storage. So I was putting it together, and it was supposed to have been burned in. I got it from Eaegis and it took about two minutes to boot up. And for a while I couldnt figure out why I couldnt use it or edit any shares. Shares are folders on the Network Area Stoage. And it was already setup as X-Raid with redunancy enabled. But for some reason it wasnt working and it was telling me that one of the Hard Drives was faulty. So I decied to reset it to the factory default and restart installation from scratch. So I started the setup from the beginning with the X-Raid setup and letting the Infrant work on the reorganizing and syncing the four 400GB Seagate Hard Drives. It took about 6 hours and 40 mins for it to finish, and in the manual it said that it would take up to 8 hours. Then everything was operating perfectly, with a X-Raid setup on a 1.6TB NAS you would have 1.1TB for storage. With the redundant setup you dont have to worry about a bad hard drive. So I have started moving things to it since my last problem. After a good amount of use I will post a full review




Link: Eaegis Infrant READYNAS NV 1.6TB

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  1. SWEET

    i’m thinking of buying another Tera , but you posted about one for 250 kd which would be cheaper than buying readyNas and 4 HD right ?

    or is the one you posted a shell only ?

  2. forzaq8: No this is a full 1.6TB, all 400 GB seagate hard drives. Its worth every penny. Just make sure you have a gigabit router to make the best out of it!

  3. does this feel like, when i get to finally buy the latest prada shoes ive been waiting for?

    dont hate me! i just want to know, how guys feel bout machines and stuff.

  4. no3ik: I dont know how you feel about shoes, but getting this up and running smoothly feels like a good accomplishment, and your even happier that you made a good decision regarding a good product. So Im pretty happy with it I see it working really good. And I know I could use it for years to come.

  5. deffinetly like getting very good shoes!
    now i get u ;)

  6. oooh nice shiny box that does cool things :p

    i think i need pair of silver shoes’eez

  7. no3ik: looool! hahaha

    Laialy: u girls are rediculous! At least these have functional value that last a long time. And it holds information, memories and other items. But shoes.. well as long as you enjoy em.

  8. moe

    That is so much space that i can only imagine.Perhaps it would be nice if i were to download stuff of ur network if you decided to share some of it with the rest of us .

  9. moe: you can download all you want from the internet. I dont think whats on my network will satisfy your tastes. Your probably not that much into PCs or networking since 1.6TB isnt that much anymore, you could pick up that much space in hawally anytime. There are pcs coming out with 3 TBs these days.

  10. moe

    i mean that is way too much space and I guess it would be only good for big businesses .As for myself, I am happy with a 100 gb harddrive as i delete a loads of stuff that i download after watching it. Not sure how will you use this space to suit ur needs and i would love to know on how u would consume this amount of storage.

  11. moe: Big businesses have a lot more then that used for space. Companies usually have been 10 – 20 TB just for back-up if they are big enough. And here is the difference when you watch stuff and maybe others, I dont delete. I tend to save a lot of what I watch. It simple as that, also I tend to take a lot of pictures on RAW format which are a lot larger then JPEGs. As long as your happy with what you have, then thats all that matters.

  12. man…storage is never ending shit…

    btw, do you offer hosting / backup service on your discs? LOL…

  13. I dont know what the #$%^ you are talking about but the pictures and the post seemed very impressive

  14. amer: I meant the format of pictures instead of JPEGs or GIFs you can get them in RAW format which leaves them uncompressed.

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