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After last week at work my body and mind was in a complete fuzz. I was feeling tired all day, and after futoor I couldnt help but fall asleep at my grandmothers house. It was hard to stay awake at the time. I was falling asleep, and I had a few things I had to do, so I excused myself and went home. I got some rest just relaxing at home, but then I had to go to a 3aza (funeral) to give my condolences to some cousins. And then I went to the family Dewaniya for about 30 minutes since I couldnt stay up anymore. I was running low on battery. So when I got home I sat on the couch while my mother was watching some tv series, and I passed out for a bit thinking about a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich! I really love those sandwichs! Now I want to figure out how to make one! Its too damn good to miss! I was just laughing that I dreamt of that while passed out for 20 mins! hehehehe! And today is going to be a long day since Im traveling for work tonight.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow!! what a day .. hehehe
    anyways nom al3afya! o 3laik bl 3afya to i guess ;)
    try mays al reems fillet steaks sandwich its really good ;)

    o to9al bl salama inshalah……

  2. *machboos deyaay machboos deyaaay*

    sorry i was dreaming :p

  3. no3ik: alah esalmich! 3aad Im hungry as hell right now! Moo cina ermuthaan, dawaamy min subaa7 alah khair!

    Laialy: hahahahahahaha! I have had those dreams before! Adizlich wa7ed bil FedEx inshallah!

  4. e5tira3 esma wait for the athan or the midfa3 :p a go there hehehehe and EAT/attack!

  5. no3ik: loooool! El Midfa3 etha7ikny! hehehe

  6. ali

    i rather go with greek meat.its as good as this sandwich.

  7. dimplez

    ramadan…morning…@ work…..
    alla yesam7k….

    btw kudu’s sandwiches reminds me with philly’s…try em out…

  8. moocherx

    you can get a Lean Pockets philly/cheese sandwich at Sultan Centre if you’re trying to watch the calories.
    And don’t they have the real thing at that chain right next to Subway in Salem Al Mubarak Street? I forgot the name of it.

  9. ali: thats good too!

    dimplez: looool! I was wondering who would be affected by the picture! hehehe! Im feeling a good sandwich too!

  10. one busy family day i see… i hate going to 3azas.. depressses the hell out of me… hehe i can imagaine u sleeping next to ur mom drooling on the couch dreaming of that sandwich:D

  11. Loca in Kuwait


    If you have time to cook just take SteakUms and cook it with some onions and bell peppers and salt and pepper to taste, with mozzarella cheese as the final touch. If you like mayo, you can put that as well. If you can’t find SteakUms in the Sultan center, just go to the butchers and have them cut the beef really fine or shave it. But the easiest way would be to go to Steak and Potatoe’s in Salmiya then hit DD beside it for dessert. Pick me up one to please.

  12. Fonzy: hahahaha! I dont getted depressed at all at 3azas and some you just have to go. Its just something you have to do.

  13. Loca: you got me thinking! Im really feeling it right now! hehehe! Do I cook it on a frying pan? Just wondering because the places I saw usually have a huge frying area, its like one HUGE frying pan!

  14. Loca in Kuwait


    You can just take a frying pan of fairly nice size, just depending on the amount of ppl you want to cook for. Also use a sturdy roll, not a really soft one or things will get messy. You want to 1st cook whatever you want mixed with the meat, onions and mushrooms I like, then set aside and re-oil the pan and cook your meat till done, then add back the toppings to heat up, just mix the meat and toppings together. If you want your cheese really melted add the cheese on top, cover with the lid real quick but first turn the stove off, it should only take a second or two. Then add to your bread. You can use french bread, since it’s hard outer shell will hold it all together. Oh I forgot you can use whatever cheese you want, Provolone or any white cheese I like, but yellow sliced cheese will work depends on your taste. Just remember this is supposed to be quick, simple grub, add some chips or french fries, then sit back and watch your fave show like Freej. On a different topic, sorry for the loss of your family members, my prayers are with you.

  15. Eddy

    u dont jave to make the sandwich…you can get it at hardees…the roast beef sandwich tasted really good and looks exatcly like that.

  16. Loca: thank you very much! I really appreciate the step by step! I just wasnt sure what to add with what! hehehe! Now Im hungry from your description! I kept imagining it! hehehe! Thank you for your condolenses, he was a distant relative, but still I appreciate your kindness.

    Eddy: HHEELLL NOOO!!! that stuff tastes like crap! Nothing better then fresh bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions mixed with steak and cheese!

  17. Dream of a philly steak sandwich??? Not my dreams…..:) I prefer dreaming of something else

  18. MAZE: hahahaha! Thats just whats in your subconcious! And mine had a philly cheese steak!


  20. MAZE: hahahaha! That made me bust out laughing!

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