Upright Position


Im getting sent away by work tonight! For the first time Im going to Frankfurt Germany and stopping. The first time I flew through it was on my way to the states and thats it, but now Im landing in Frankfurt and staying there for work. I land at 6:20am and I have meeting at 8:30am and I have meetings all day, and then the next day I fly back to Kuwait.  I dont like traveling during Ramadan because of all the commitments. Its going to be interesting to say the least. And flying with Lufthansa but its a night flight so Im probably going to pass out since I could sleep anywhere, but on the way back Im going to take full advantage of the Internet. I will posting up pictures of the hotel and all the places I will be going to. Im wondering if they have US movies in Germany because I would go in a heart beat.

The one thing that annoys me about flying is when they tell you to put your seats in an upright position. Whats the difference, your going to land so why do I have to put the seat back. The only airline I know that doesnt make you put your seat back is Virgin Airlines. I always try to sneak a little back when the air attendents walk away, and I push the seat back a little.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Trou7 w terja3 b salameh….get me a new clk….:)

  2. GOD! me too! I really hate it when they ask me to get upright position..i feel like i wanna shoot them specially that finally u could make it and relax in ur seat..with the blanket..feet position..and everything..looool

    and what i hate more..when they tell u that the plane will start landing plz fasten ur seatbelets..and it takes like one hr till it gets landed in the airport!!!

  3. MAZE: hahaha! I knew someone would pop a mercedes or beemer request! alah esalmik!

    Smartee: I know exactly what you mean! Its annoying as hell!

  4. 1. have a safe trip

    2. do u speak german? :p

    3. i DON’T like flying Lufthansa

    4. i HATE Frankfurt airport

  5. Laialy: thank you, no, I havent had a good experience the first time, but I hope this time its ok. I dont like Frankfurt airport too.

  6. Hellraiser

    Have a safe trip mate

  7. troo7 oo trid bilsalama…

    check out a ma63am isma Nordsee.. and try the turkish donner kebab.. and umm.. stock up on the milka chocolate… and go on a shopping spree in the altstat (aham shay tmir Kaufhof).. and.. get lost on the S-Bahn.. and the U-Bahn…and the buses… and try a berliner donut… and a kasebrotchen… and a bratwurst…and… and.. I LOVE GERMANY!! :( laish ma 3azamtny :((

  8. extinct-dodo: Im going for work! If you want to do it your more then welcome to go instead of me! I got 20 mins until the plane! Thank you for all the details!

  9. moocherx

    ah… so you’re the s.o.b who always put his seat down in front of me when you shouldn’t! Bet you sneakily switch your phone on too as the plane gets closer to the airport ;-)

  10. bil salameh.. .i think they put u to put the seats up to avoid whip lash and neck injury. have a great trip man.

  11. moocherx: yup Im that guy! I switch on my phone when we are landing but I put it silent and I lean m seat back. hahahaha!

    Fonzy: alah esalmik! I have never suffered a whiplash from a plane, that would result in a crash landing! hahaha

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