Damn Marijuana


I never thought that an army would be losing the war on or from Marijuana! I was laughing my ass off after reading this article! The General SURRENDERS! hehehe

Link: Yahoo News

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. looool..i loved the story..and all what i can say is..sub7ana allah..:)

  2. Smartee: I was just laughing at how they were describing why they were failing and the dangers! looool!

  3. i have seen mariajuana plant in real life..

    man…their tanks are smoking marijuana and not obeying the drivers….how about taking your bike?

  4. Cyber: hahahaha! Robo would run off into the sunset! hehehe

    Yazeed: ana kila qadeem! hehehe!

  5. intha both qadeem. aaana aarif arabi…inzein? walla marathani intha kallam arabi, dhirubalak…LOOOOOOOOOL

  6. Cyber: hahahahahhaa! I choked on a glass of water while reading that! It must have killed you to get that out! hahahahahahhaa

  7. Yabeela amsterdam…..:)…my last trip there i didn’t remembered a single thing of what i did coz all the time i was……..:)….u know the rest!

  8. Cyber: seriously! hahaha! But you killed me with that

    MAZE: hahhahaha! Bada3t! As long as you like it, more power to you! I need to find places with motorcycle race tracks like the UK and Spain! And then I let my demons out!

  9. Smartee…u got it…my friends call me Mezo!

  10. Yeah Meezo….there’s a saying Meezo……zo at the end…can’t talk it here….Marzouq glad to have u as friend here on blog…hope i’ll meet u someday…during a blogger meeting

  11. MAZE: I will see you around! Im always around! hehehe! its always about enjoyment! :)

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  13. I imagine Cheech and Chong will either be joining the Canadian army or the Taliban any day now.

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