No comment, I dont think this should be online. Dont know what to say. And look at the URL name, I just couldnt help laughing!
Link: Grillz

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It’s funky!!!…recently they made contact lenses with the rim made of diamonds!!!…everything i possible…don’t be surprised if you find diamond condoms for example….we need something for men…coz it’s always girls getting it all…..:)

  2. Cyber: hahaha!

    MAZE: uunngghhh! Hell no! Those are just horrible! Girls can keep that! Just give me bike gear, and Im a happy camper!

  3. Cybberrowdy would look smashing with one of those

  4. Ay fation elaw3ooon elchabd,,, ewwwwwww

  5. Ay fashion elaw3ooon elchabd,,, ewwwwww

  6. extinct-dodo: hahaha so does everyone else!

    amer: hahahaha!

    Deem: you really dont like em do you.. you had to voice your opinion twice! hahaha

    DR: hahahahhahaha! Its shocking people left and right!

  7. Grillz are horrid..
    Thug fashion ha ?? :P hmmm wachya hiding ? :P

  8. S

    Ewww !!! Min ay na7ya hatha fashion ?!

    Malaat 3laiho0om mak0o shay ma saw0o..

    o0o MAZE ur so wierd !! no offense..

  9. loooooool
    and they used a white guy in the pic!

  10. No problem S…i come from mars!

  11. DiiGMaa: hahahaha! Im not hiding anything! I just saw this!

    S: hahahaha S! I dont know how people like it!

    Yazeed: thats the funny part a white guy.

    MAZE: And S is from Venus.

  12. Hehee..
    i cant stop thinking about the stupid thing. Its soo Ewww !!!

  13. Dennis

    You little… nevermind can just shut ya mouths b/c some people like em’ I’m no thug but I like em’ there ain’t no sense in discriminating on people who like em’ it’s people like ya’ll that make me wanna vomit I’m a goth and I got one so can it

  14. Dennis

    oh and no offense to any of ya’ll who are cool w/ em’ plus I’m white

  15. Dennis: Im not really here to stop you, just here to say that I think grillz look stupid as hell.. Did I specifically mention you, not really. And let me leave my personal opinions of Goths out of this one. No offense to you Directly. Enjoy the grillz, hope they shine everyday!

  16. I think grills are so nasty. I mean if you want silver teeth then just eat alot of candy and wait for the cavities, it’s alot cheaper.

  17. Drew

    Dinnis cust yoll out LOL he did it an my computer you dont rilly piss him off i thalt it was funny he has firends in low plases and grillz are more cheapers than geting a lot of fillings fillings are about 50$ each some grillz are $40 for a set and not all grillz look the same you can get vampir teeth black differant collors mix too i suck at spelling

  18. Drew

    im from alabama what shows do yall watch and how do you get the picher naruto rocks and im not gothik and im white

  19. Drew: I watch 24, The Nine, Smallville, Scrubs, Stragate Atlantis, Prison Break, and Heroes. Which Naruto picture are you talking about?

  20. Drew

    Marzouq: cool I watch the mufits, winey the poo, gust kidin i rilly watch naruto, InuYasha, Family Guy, king of the hill,blue collar tv, the suitelife of zack and cody, and hannah montana, the picture next to Marzouq that is one of the carikter of naruto

  21. Drew

    it is 4:12PM here

  22. Drew

    Marzouq: i do hafe to at mit some grillz look gay

  23. Drew: yup yup, thats naruto’s trainer, Kakashi. I watch the real japanese version with english subtitles. Im guessing your watching this all on cartoon network. I download the japanese shows, and I love Family guy. Man you seriously need to use a spell checker! I have to read twice to make sure I know what your saying!

  24. Drew

    Marzouq:HA HA HA I forgite to laff i SUCK at spelling! i have not ever seen the japanese show of it. stewy on Family Guy rocks do you watch Adalt Swim? MY Emeal is [email protected] does any one but you git on this site what state are you from and how old are you im 14 im probly asking too many qustins ha ha I have two season of Family Guy 1 and 2 i want season 4 you can tell i do not have a life ha ha o im in the 8th grade too it is 11:55 over here o ya do you watch Comidy Sintrall

  25. Drew

    japanese cartoons rock (ani-manga)

  26. Drew: Im with you anime is pretty damn good, and I recommend you download Firefox 2.0, it has an automatic spell checker. Its either anime (animation) or manga (for the comics) so you know the difference. We dont get comedy central over here, we just DL all the shows we can!

  27. Drew

    Marzouq: were are you from? it is gust easer if i use my e meal what is yours its funny were spose to be disin on grillz but we use it for a chat room

  28. Drew: From Kuwait. My email is located in the about page you can check it there!

  29. Drew

    Marzouq I look it up an google images it look like a cool plase to go im from the usa my faverit ant-manga is elrecu 7, Inuyasha, Full matall alcumist, XL sogu, and more too many to seay hu I`ve never git to talk to any one out of this contery be for i live in a small town of Ohatchee see I kan spell some big words ha ha ha ha PS can you sind me an email

  30. Drew

    do you want to here something funny there is a tornato worning neir my houes

  31. drew

    ya i mite be giting one

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