Review: Waist Deep


This is one of those movies that you watch at least once. It isnt a blockbuster movie, but its very entertaining. Im not that found of Tyrese’s acting, but I am of Meagan Good since she is rediculously hot. This an action movie with guns blazing and people getting knocked out. A man who will stop for nothing to save his son, the story line is cool. The action is pretty good, dont expect an oscar for the acting but still really entertaining. Its one of those movies that you just watch once and you really enjoy it. They do have a good sound track playing in the movie. If you like hip hop/action movies then I recommend this movie for those people.

Link: IMDB

Rating: r2.5.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. it just came out on DVD
    i’ve been seeing the ads. for it on TV bss ma jethabnii el movie

  2. Purgatory72

    yah that is the one with DMX

  3. Laialy: its just a certain type of person that it will attract! ehehehe

    Purg: Thats Tyrese Gibson not DMX, the only thing is that they are both black and the similarities end at that! hehehee

  4. Purgatory72

    Yah DMX, he sings nooo baaaaaaaaadddy.

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