Customs Battle

This seems to be an on going battle!


My package arrived since last saturday and it has been on hold at customs, but today there has been some progress.

Battle 1: ME vs. Customs

Winner: ME

Battle 2: ME vs. Customs

Winner: Still to be Decided

They asked for my civil ID which we sent, and I managed to get some of my DVDs, and my Buffalo Router. So there is still a good chunk of DVDs that they have! At least I could watch some of the anime I wanted, but this is just getting rediculous! Its going to be another 10 days since no work is going to be done during Eid! They need to have schedueles where peopel schedule holidays! Not the whole damn government taking the time off! Its rediculous!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Laialy: loooool! Sorry my sleep was messed up! I just had to put the finishing touches!

    Cyber: You dont know the best part of it! It required a post for itself! hehehe!

  2. its been over 2 weeks and my 3 nintendo ds games are still held by MOI.

  3. What? You’re now riding your bike again on the Gulf Road? Do you have a Tardis like Dr.Who or something?

    Zooks, please god, put a special notice at the top telling us where you are….This is all too much info for my little brain.

  4. Mark: Its a bitch and its annoying the hell out of me! I wish they had a criteria or something! This is fucking annoying!

    Toxy: hahaha! I ride wherever I can! Gulf road since by Bide3, its nice around there, not too much traffic. I will try to plan out my route for people! I wish there was google kuwait so I can show you the routes!

  5. Dude, I thought you were in Germany!

    Next thing you know your sippin on a Starbux and wheelieing down the gulf road.

    That’s what I’m so amazed about!

  6. Toxy: hahaha! I like finishing business quick, I prefer being effecient.. Time is not a luxury I have.. So I do what I can afford to! And breath! hehehe

  7. yes yes “schedule holidays” people need to do that
    maybe if they paid them overtime like a shit load of money (excuse my arabic)

  8. Laialy: the problem they have no incentive, they already dont work and get paid. So there is no way around it! I think they should do some schedueling the government cant come to a damn hold! Everything gets put on hold which is in the ports! Its insane!

  9. if it wasn’t insane it wouldn’t be KUWAIT i mean it’s called ku-WAIT ya garra wait :p

  10. Laialy: looooool! hehehe! Shinsawy! Gotta love it! In every form!

  11. Well, if the Customs department has made you dance around for so long in the second round, they have already won!!!

  12. cajie: The battle has not been lost yet! I will just try harder! And harder! And harder! I want my stuff! Nobody keeps my anime!

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