New Windows Live Look

I have still have one of my main email accounts which I check every two to three days. And just now they changed the way it looks alot better and operates a lot better then the first time I tried Windows Live. Its smoother and loads faster, but its still not as good as Gmail but at least they made it bearable. Im going to write a full review at a later point. But functionality wise it isnt missing all the basic stuff like it was before and you can do all the normal things and the search feature is good. Still Gmail has features which arent intuitive but extremelly useful like choosing all the new mail.

And please people check out what email I have it open to! hehehe! I cant help it! Bikes all day everyday! And I knew DocWong! Great guy and he gave me some physical therapy for some sports injuries I had! Great Doc and Rides a lot too! hehehe! Who wouldnt want to Ride with a Doctor? hehehe


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  1. Windows live is good…as for the doctor yes u need him always by ur side….:P

  2. MAZE: Windows Live is okkk.. he is a damn good rider! hehehe! He has Ducati thats the funny part!

    Cyber: yeah they are trying to clone it, the functionality has gotten better, but still. Got used to the features in Gmail, so simple yet so much!

  3. mabrook
    it seems ur alienware laptop has shipped :P

  4. Yazeed: hahahaha! Paying attention to detail arent you! Yes it has, so now my friend is sending it to me from the states! hehehe

  5. Something you can check out is Yahoo Mail! they have updated their interface and it kicks both GMail and Hotmail’s ass.

  6. hmmm…yeah i have accounts in and gmail….one time it was box size war….now its interface war…

  7. I dunno why ! but that interface gives me a dry feeling ! to plane ! probably i was used to the earlier interface, thats why im getting confused :p

  8. Jacqui: yeah yahoo is pretty cool! But Gmail is still my thing!

    Cyber: yeah it is an interface war.. and google started the box size war! It was great!

    Borzaiga: I think the google interface because once you get used to it, its great! Its like it adapts to you!

  9. Oh thats lovely, its way better than the new yahoo upgrade… Very neat and convenient.

    Becareful if you ride in kuwait, people drive like nut cases.

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